FAFCO'S First Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Roars Out of the Gate Through The Strategic Support of LOHAS Capital

Marketing and fundraising efforts to support FAFCOs latest solar innovation called CoolPV®

FAFCO, one of the oldest and largest solar thermal manufacturers in the U.S., recently launched a crowdfunding campaign, garnering over $200,000 in investment from 70 investors in the campaigns initial days. FAFCO is rapidly deploying its new solution, CoolPV®, an enhanced solar electric panel that generates electricity and heats water from one panel using the same valuable roof space. Because CoolPV® cools the solar electric module, the output of the PV module is increased by up to 20%. Including thermal energy, CoolPV® can generate up to 4x the power of a stand-alone solar electric system.

LOHAS Capital, a premier equity crowdfunding solutions provider, dedicated to health, sustainability, and other social impact ventures, architected and implemented FAFCOs crowdfunding marketing campaign. "We are excited to work with FAFCO. Their solutions not only help drive sustainability through solar innovation but also provide tremendous value and cost savings to the residential and commercial marketplace," said Rick Davis, CEO of LOHAS Capital. "Because our firm is so passionate about the sustainability sector, FAFCO represents an ideal client for us. We created a strategic campaign to introduce new investors who are environmentally conscious to FAFCOs investment opportunity, while also driving additional support from FAFCOs customers and supporters."
LOHAS Capital, the developer of a marketing platform purpose-built for crowdfunding campaigns, uses a unique approach that brings together experienced creative teams and leverages big data analytics to deliver meaningful connections to identify, reach, and engage supporters for clients fundraising efforts. Using this distinctive approach, LOHAS is able to drive lead generation and brand awareness for their clients, while securing capital thats needed to support the growth and sale of their clients solutions in the marketplace.
Freeman Ford, Founder and Chairman of FAFCO, stated, "From the initial financing and marketing strategy assistance, to the campaign planning, to the messaging and content creation, to the data acquisition strategy and execution, to the offering page development, LOHAS Capital's guidance and support have been invaluable. We're now looking forward to their targeted marketing campaign activities throughout the offering period. We would never have been able to orchestrate a crowdfunding campaign as thoroughly or professionally without LOHAS as a strategic partner."
LOHAS launch of FAFCOs crowdfunding campaign is extremely timely as trends show that more investors are now investing capital into the renewable energy sector. Investments in renewables totaled $286 billion in 2015, surpassing the previous 2011 record. Now investors from all walks of life can become a part of the latest development in solar technology called CoolPV®.
To learn more about LOHAS Capital and how they can support your next crowdfunding campaign, visit http://lohascapital.com/. To learn more about FAFCOs crowdfunding campaign and CoolPV® visit https://wefunder.com/fafco.

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