Business Network for Offshore Wind Statement on Maryland Approving 368 Megawatts of Offshore Wind Power

Business Network for Offshore Wind Statement on Maryland Approving 368 Megawatts of Offshore Wind Power

Baltimore, Md. — The Business Network For Offshore Wind, the leader in building the U.S. offshore wind supply chain, commends the Maryland Public Service Commission for awarding financing for two offshore wind projects. The Maryland Public Service Commissions (MD PSC) approval and financing of US Wind and Skipjack Offshore Energy, LLCs combined 368 MW projects solidify offshore wind as a US industry.

Maryland has more than 800 businesses working in and around Baltimores ports many of which have potential to provide support for scaling the U.S. offshore wind industry. With the approval of these offshore wind projects and the conditions set forth by the MD PSC on the developers to invest millions of dollars in port infrastructure and steel fabrication, these businesses can start to gain offshore wind experience and a strong market position in other US offshore wind projects. In addition, the economic impact of these projects will be dispersed from Western Maryland to the Eastern Shore.

"Maryland no longer stands at the doorstep of ushering in this new industry; it has stepped over the threshold. The award of these projects is the launching point for great economic growth for Maryland: its businesses, and its citizens. Maryland continues to lead--achieving the first commercial scale offshore wind projects in the United States, as well as reaping the environmental benefits of this large- scale, clean, renewable energy", said Liz Burdock, executive director of the Business Network For Offshore Wind.

Offshore wind was first introduced to Marylanders in 2008. Legislative bills were written and presented to the Maryland legislators for three years commencing in 2010. The Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act was passed in 2013 and promptly signed into law before the present developers was even considering the lease opportunities. Many, many people, from within state agencies, legislators, businesses, foundations, environment groups, academics, religious groups, health centers and citizens have all contributed to make this a historic day.

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