Flexenclosure enters its 21st African market with eCentre data centre order in Ethiopia from ERP Software Technologies

Construction of the data centre modules is underway at Flexenclosure’s factory in Vara, Sweden, allowing all critical systems to be fully tested before shipping begins. Deployment will take place at two separate sites in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa later this year.

{Stockholm, Sweden and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 17th May 2017.} With a new order for two energy efficient data centres from ERP Software Technologies (ERPST) in Ethiopia, Flexenclosure successfully establishes a presence in its 21st African country. Flexenclosure's turnkey prefabricated eCentre data centres and green eSite hybrid power systems for off-grid and bad-grid cell sites have made the company a preferred supplier to the African ICT market.

Ethiopian ICT company ERPST is a member of a consortium implementing a major IT infrastructure deployment for Ethiopian Railway Corporation (ERC). The eCentres will house servers and software to manage and run ERC's activities as they expand their rail network across Ethiopia.

Construction of the data centre modules is underway at Flexenclosure's factory in Vara, Sweden, allowing all critical systems to be fully tested before shipping begins. Deployment will take place at two separate sites in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa later this year.
Increases African presence
ERPST is one of the leading systems integrators in East Africa with a proven track record of turnkey project implementations across the region.

"Ethiopia is engaging in a highly ambitious railway construction programme as the government lays the foundations for future economic growth," said Mark Nycander Ali, CEO and Owner of ERPST. "ERPST is playing a central and vital role in the project and we needed a tried and tested data centre solution we could rely on. With their track record of successful deployments across Africa, Flexenclosure's eCentre was the obvious choice."

"We are delighted to be working with ERPST on this project. Ethiopia is new country for us, increasing Flexenclosure's and eCentre's deployment footprint across the African continent," said David King, CEO, Flexenclosure. "We now supply our products in no less than 21 African nations, proving our experience and ability to deliver mission critical infrastructure in the most challenging of environments."

About Flexenclosure
Flexenclosure provides sustainable Internet infrastructure for emerging markets - designing and manufacturing prefabricated data centres and intelligent power management systems for the ICT industry. The company provides systems that are fully integrated, modular, factory tested for reliability, adaptable to local conditions and quick to install.

eSite x10 is the world's first hybrid power system purpose-built for outdoor telecom sites and to outdoor telecom standards. It is a patented, sealed, tamper-proof unit with passive convection cooling, no filters, no moving parts and it requires no maintenance. eSite x10 is the future of hybrid power.

eCentre is a state-of-the art, custom-designed, prefabricated and pre-integrated data centre building that is fast to deploy, energy efficient and fully future proofed. With its flexible and easily expandable white space, eCentre enables highly capital efficient data centre deployments and has been certified up to Tier IV level.

Flexenclosure was founded in 1989. The company is based in Vara, Sweden, headquartered in Stockholm and has additional offices in Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria and South Africa. Customers include ACS, Airtel, Apollo Towers, IHS Towers, Millicom, MTN, Vodacom and Zain.

See www.flexenclosure.com

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