France: Colloque National Eolien

Natural Power France is set to attend the France Energie Eolienne's signature event, the Colloque National Eolien 2017, which takes place on September 19th and 20th at Parc Floral de Paris.

With offices in Paris and Nantes, Natural Power France employs 18 staff, and will be exhibiting at stand 25, where the team of renewable energy experts will be on hand to meet with visitors at the conference. This is the eighth national symposium on wind power in France, titled: ‘Concrete solutions for the France of tomorrow'.

Claude Abiven, Senior Technical Manager at Natural Power will be part of a pitch innovation panel on Wednesday 20th September, presenting: ‘Modélisation numérique du productible : Techniques de pointes pour maximiser la valeur des projets éoliens' (Numerical simulations for energy yield - high end techniques to maximise the value of wind projects).

Thierry Ripoche, Managing Director of Natural Power France, said: "Our local team in France, which has extensive experience in construction, analytics and asset management, benefits from being part of the global team of experts at Natural Power, and this enables us to share in their learnings and insight on projects conducted across 37 countries and how they can translate to French market. We look forward to meeting delegates at Colloque Eolien, and sharing this experience."

The Colloque National Eolien is an annual event that provides the opportunity for wind energy professionals to learn about technical and regulatory developments in their industry, as well as discussing the economic and ecological future of France and the planet, and to help promote the positive benefits brought about by the wind energy industry. It provides a platform to work and discuss with stakeholders the solutions and innovations to be implemented in the development and operation of wind farms.

To find out more about Colloque National Eolien 2017 and the supporting exhibitions, conferences and thematic workshops, and to register to attend, please visit

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