Northern Reliability Relocates to Larger Facility as Energy Storage Booms

Company expands production capabilities in advance of energy storage technology wave

Northern Reliability, Inc. (NRI) today announced its plans to relocate the companys main headquarters and production facility from its founding location in Waitsfield, Vermont to a larger property located in Waterbury, VT in order to meet the companys recent growth and business needs. NRIs plans for the 10,000ft2 facility in Waterbury include a significant expansion of their existing production space, creation of a separate energy storage research and development area, as well as office space for existing and new employees coming onboard.

Since being awarded a contract by Xcel Energy (Public Service Company of Colorado) to design, build, and commission a first of its kind modular distributed fleet energy storage system for the Stapleton Battery Pilot Project and that projects subsequent publication in T&D World Magazine in February of 2017, interest in NRIs already growing business has accelerated dramatically. According to Jay Bellows NRIs President and CEO, "NRIs energy storage engineering group is one of the most experienced in the industry and with that experience has come an influx of requests for our customized energy storage solutions. In order to prepare for the growth that we are seeing both for NRI and in the industry, the move to Waterbury is necessary. Our new location has the space, environment, and proximity to our employees that make it the perfect site to accommodate our needs."
While grid-tied energy storage is a relatively new and rapidly developing market here in the United States, it is a technology that NRIs engineering group has been working with for nearly 40 years. Originally a stand-alone department of a worldwide leader in renewables in Waitsfield, NRI was established as an independent company during a re-org that eliminated energy storage from that firms portfolio in 2007. Taking the energy storage team with them, the NRI group continued to support the non-wind energy storage and power system deployments around the world while developing their own proprietary storage and controller technology.
During the companys last weeks in its Waitsfield, Vermont offices, Congressman Peter Welch (VT-AL) who sits on the US House Energy and Commerce Committee stopped into the facility with his team for a tour and conversation with Bellows. According to Rep. Welch,
"I am pleased to see yet another Vermont company moving the energy world forward. Energy storage technology has moved from relative obscurity a decade ago to mainstream boardroom discussions today at utilities across the country. The success of NRI is a wonderful example of how Vermonts green energy manufacturing sector is growing every day. Energy storage allows green energy to work efficiently without negative effects to the grid. I wish NRI and its employees great success in their new facility."
About Northern Reliability
Northern Reliability, Inc. ("NRI") is a US-based energy storage system integrator and manufacturer of control systems and software. In business since 2007, NRI supports a wide range of customers around the globe with energy storage systems operating on every continent including Antarctica. In recent years, NRI has developed a suite of systems dedicated to serving the storage needs of the US utility market focusing primarily on mid-market sized projects in the 1MWh-20MWh range. NRI systems are designed to operate in a wide variety of environments and modes allowing a single storage asset to provide not only end-user support at a particular location, but also to serve a larger utility-scale function through "fleet mode" whereby multiple storage assets may function in collaboration with one another for peak demand reduction during critical times on the grid. For more information regarding Northern Reliability, please contact Gregg R. Noble at 802-496-2932 or (gnoble(at)northernreliability(dot)com).

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