Sabreez Launches Wind Number and Solar Boost APIs for Utilities and IoT Companies

The Wind Number and Solar Boost APIs allow energy consumers to see when the electric power supply is cleanest each day. Smart home companies and electric power utilities can use our APIs to motivate load shifting, which helps integrate time-variable renewable energy production with consumer demand.

Sabreez has announced the product launch of the Wind Number and Solar Boost Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) at the Cleantech Open World Forum being held in Los Angeles. The Wind Number and Solar Boost APIs form the basis of propagating a daily clean energy forecast in markets that have abundant solar and wind resources to help inform energy consumers when electric power is cleaner.

The Wind Number and Solar Boost energy information system will now be available to electric power utilities, smart home companies, and other smart grid stakeholders.

"California has a lot of solar power now, and more is being installed every day. One characteristic of solar power is that it's only ‘on' when it's sunny. Likewise, wind turbines produce electric power when it's windy. The electric power supply is balanced with demand by natural gas peaker plants, which are among the most expensive electric power plants to operate. This leads to the phenomena that cleaner energy costs less, and those hourly savings will get passed directly to consumers. Now this information is available in an easy to use format through our customers' consumer-facing applications thanks to our APIs," says Scott Hoppe, CEO of Sabreez.

Technical management of the API launch is being performed by APIvista of Richmond, Virginia. "Good user experience often makes or breaks a product," said Chris Busse, CTO of APIvista. "Sabreez came to us with this project and showed how forward-thinking they are by wanting an API that could enable any number of connected devices from various manufacturers to present energy production information in the right context for consumers to make informed decisions about their behavior."

Sabreez created the Wind Number App in 2014. Now with the Solar Boost, consumers can see with even greater detail when their energy supply is cleaner and costs less as utilities switch to time of use rates. The Daily Clean Energy Forecast provided by Sabreez is an easy way for consumers that want to use cleaner energy to stay informed and take action. The APIs will allow for automation of this decision by utilities and smart home companies.

About Sabreez- Sabreez is a consumer-facing energy information company that reports energy supply in real time and provides a daily clean energy forecast. Sabreez was formed in 2014, and participated in the United States Department of Energy's "Apps for Energy Contest" during that year. Their platform will be offered in an increasing number of markets to help energy consumers save money as increasing amounts of renewable energy resources are installed and more utilities switch to time of use rates.

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