The Garden State is getting greener with the help of Sunpower by Infinity Solar.

Infinity Solars rapid growth is penciling out to be a better deal for New Jersey homeowners.

SunPower by Infinity Solar ( is a nationally recognized solar company that services New York and New Jersey homeowners. The Infinity team recently opened its new design center in Pearl River, N.Y., last year, and the company website has also been enriched with new content and a solar savings calculator. The Infinity team celebrated its ten-year anniversary, and the company is experiencing rapid growth in New Jersey markets as the demand increases for reliable solar companies that offer an efficient economical product.

Infinity Solar has opened its new office location in Manasquan, N.J., and the team has been working around the clock getting operations in place and spreading the word about the value of SunPower solar products. Matt Hildebrand, Director of Sales, commented on the expansion, "We are very pleased with the teams hard work, and we know that our SunPower products have the greatest economical value and savings for homeowners."

According to the Solar Energy Industry Association, New Jersey ranks fifth in the United States for solar energy. There are more than 350,000 homes powered by solar energy in the Garden State, and solar currently accounts for 3.56 percent of the states electricity. In the past five years, the cost of solar has fallen 55 percent. These strong numbers, coupled with federal and state incentives and utility price increases, are making 'going solar' a no-brainer for New Jersey homeowners who qualify.

Infinity Solar is a SunPower master dealer, and its solar panel products produce 70 percent more energy than conventional panels do. Sitting close to the rooftop, the all-black panels make a statement about good taste while reducing utility costs. SunPower products are also known for their industry-leading warranty, which covers the entire system and includes performance, parts, and labor for twenty-five years.

In the wake of the recent solar panel tariff, most regionally integrated solar companies are running for cover because their pricing models depend on many variables and components that need to be assembled to complete a successful residential solar installation. The tariff hike has had implications to their underlying business profitability. Because Infinity Solar is a SunPower NJ dealer, solar panel products are fully integrated, and the risk is mitigated and absorbed to ensure that homeowners continue to get the highest quality solar product at the lowest energy prices available.

New Jersey homeowners can calculate their solar savings and see if they qualify for federal and state solar incentives by using Infinity Solar's savings calculator at

About Infinity Solar
SunPower by Infinity Solar was founded in 2008. The company is nationally recognized as one of Solar Power Worlds top solar contractors, and its executives have been featured in SmartCEO magazine for the companys proven, team-centric approach.

The Infinity Solar team has extensive experience and knowledge in designing solar panel systems for residential and commercial properties. The team makes the engineering, permitting, and installation of the systems simple and easy for customers.

SunPower develops the industrys most efficient and cosmetically friendly solar panel solutions and provides its customers with the greatest financial savings and a positive environmental impact.

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