Infiswift Solutions partners with Next Energy & Resources Co., Ltd. to bring internet of things based asset management solutions to Japan for solar PV

Modern IoT services will enhance operations and maximize performance of PV plants

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Infiswift Solutions, an enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company, announced a key strategic partnership with Next Energy & Resources (NER), a Japanese integrated renewable energy solution provider, to develop a highly scalable solar PV performance management solution that will leverage modern technologies like IoT and artificial intelligence (AI). Incorporating these technologies will enable improved monitoring and asset management to maximize generation for plant owners and operators.

"This new solution for PV monitoring and asset management that we're working on with NER will change how the solar industry uses data to improve plant performance," said Arup Barat, founder and CEO at Infiswift Solutions. "With the ability to easily connect a broad range of devices including inverters from most manufacturers, operators will be able to monitor and act on real-time information from a central location."

The partnership will initially focus on the development of a suite of PV performance management services specifically built for the Japan market. In the longer term, connected solution development will expand beyond solar to integrate technologies like storage, electric vehicles and broader grid (and microgrid) services. As part of the partnership, NER has made a strategic investment in Infiswift Solutions to accelerate solution development.

"We see a lot of changes taking place as the result of power liberalization with many new markets opening up," said Mr. Atsushi Ito, CEO of NER. "To help our customers compete in this new environment and generate the highest ROI, we identified Infiswift Solutions to help build our modern PV performance management platform. We chose Infiswift Solutions because of the incredible low latency of their core IoT platform technology, the flexibility of their solutions to fit many different PV situations, and their extensive solar industry experience."

The first beta users of the new product will get access in April 2018 with a public preview at booth E40-52 at the PV Expo in Tokyo, Japan this week. Any owners, operators or service providers interested in learning more about our approach to PV performance management and details about the new solution should reach out to for more information.

About Infiswift Solutions
Infiswift Solutions builds Internet of Things solutions to change the energy industry. We build customized asset management, monitoring and data ingest solutions that help energy enterprises collect better data, make better decisions and streamline operations. Our technical and industry expertise makes us a trusted partner to develop the perfect software solution while allowing customers to focus on their core business. Each solution is built using IoT as a foundation for extremely low latency at scale and uses open standards for complete flexibility. Learn more at

About Next Energy
Next Energy & Resources Co., Ltd. is a leader in the field of renewable energy in Japan with the intention of contributing to the creation of a sustainable society through the deployment of renewable energy. Our core business includes EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), sale of modules and power electronics for industrial plants and residential sites, PV module reuse, off grid storage, operations and maintenance, electric power retail and more. We will continue to explore new energy solutions and shift society toward a renewable energy future. Learn more at

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