Antaisolar presented at PV EXPO 2018 in Tokyo, Japan

From 28th Feb. to 2nd Mar., the 9th PV EXPO Exhibition was held in Tokyo. Antaisolar's leaders and sales team went to the exhibition after the Chinese New Year. Unique design of the booth and bright aluminum solar rackings attracted lots of clients.

In this exhibition, Antaisolar had displayed a series of products, such as CG ground mounting system, pile driven mounting system and adjustable ground mounting system and so on, which gave a nice experience to our clients. Besides, we also showed the ground screw which produced by using 100% fully mechanically automatic welding, and the fences used for solar power station.

Antaisolar has been in leading position in the Japanese photovoltaic market for many years. Solar ground mounting systems made of AL6005-T6 offer clients with convenient solar solutions. High pre-assembled components could save much installation time and cost for labors. At the same time, we could design the system based on customers demands, if need, we could also offer customization. To have a better support during installation or any emergency needs, we set up a warehouse in Japan.

The popularity of Antaisolar booth attracted the Japanese media to come to interview and report. Antaisolar representatives introduced companys detailed development and unique advantages in Japanese solar market over the past years, like having own aluminum factory, which has strong production ability. At the same time, sales representatives and technical team had very successful communications with clients. Antaisolar gained a lot from this event.

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