China’s Power Battery Industry Driven Forward by EV Development (GBF Asia Committee)

China's Recently Gained Leading Position in EV It has been predicted by Bernstein that within the next 20 years, Electric Vehicles (EV) will accounts for 40% of global automotive sales, and China will be the most sought-after market.

This prediction is further supported by Mr. Zheng lixin, the Spokesman of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC, who released a series of figures this October 27th indicating that China is now the world's EV manufacturing powerhouse, and for 2 consecutive years (2015 and 2016), its EV sales ranked first in the world with charging infrastructure also moving forward.

Amazing Output and Global Market Share of Power Batteries
And this rapidly developing EV market has greatly promoted China's power battery industry growth.

According to Wall Street's lately added research, China is now fast catching up with Japan and Korea as the new power battery innovator and by 2020 China will claim over 70% of global power battery share.

And it has also been reported by OFweek that at present, China has more than 140 power battery manufacturers whose collective production capacity has already made China the largest power batteries producer in the world.

In the meanwhile, many China home-grown power battery enterprises are also rising to the fore in global market. In the first half of 2016, there were 4 Chinese enterprises (BYD, BPP, Wanxiang, Air Lithium) listed among the world's top 10 power battery manufacturers by output.
Global Top 10 Power Battery Manufacturers by Output (MWh) in 1st Half 2016

Data Source: CleanTechnica

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