China's Battery Separator Industry to Account for 60% of the World as of 2020

The separator as the critical part of separating the anode and cathode of a battery is being expanding production capacity aggressively. For lithium battery separator, the cost of production is dropped by 7%-15% whilst the capacity of production are increased. China is predicted to account for over 60% of the world, with 10.04 billion square meters capacity.

China now concentrates its commitment to realize the localization of separator production seeing that the separator is one of the highest technical barrier among four major raw materials of lithium battery.

 Global Separator Manufacturing Shifts Focus to China
In the past, global lithium battery separator markets are shared by Japan, America, South Korea, China mainly. However, as China adopts a large sum of investments in recent years for lithium battery manufacturing, along with overwhelmingly increase of market share in the world. In 2016, the output of battery separator across the globe was totaled at 3.38 billion square meters, of which China took up 1.084 billion square meters with 32% market share. It is predicted that as of 2020 Chinas separator output will upsurge with above 60% market share of the world, realizing localization and global export.

New Energy Demand Ramps up Market Sale of Battery Separator
Driven by new energy vehicle industry chain, the demand battery separators has skyrocketed. As China Automotive Technology&Research Center reported, the sales volume of new energy vehicles is expected to reach 2 million as of 2020 and 7 million as of 2025, occupying more than 7% and 20% of the total sales, respectively.

In this case, Chinas power battery market during 2018-2020 is expected to reach 52.89GWh, 74.97GWh and 120.85GWh respectively while the demand of lithium battery market will achieve 174GWh.

Based on the actual production volume, 20 million square meters of lithium battery separator will be required for each GWh of power. And the separator output for Chinas lithium battery market will be 3.48 billion square meters by 2020. Regardless of the separator is in dry process or wet process, the separator market in total will be lifted to 15.75 billion yuan.

Compared with dry-process separator, the wet-process separators sees a rising tendency these years as it boasts off higher stability, permeability and thinness. Against the growing demand for wet-process separators, Chinese dry-process separator manufacturers are expanding their investment on wet-dry separators production aggressively, let alone the wet-process separator manufacturers.

As reported by GuoSen, the production capacity of dry-process separator is only at estimated 470 million sq.m while that of wet-process separator soars to 6.79 billion sq.m., as of 2020. Predicted by the future output tendency, Chinas production capacity of wet-process separators is anticipated to see a rising of share of 87% from todays 69%. For the years to come, wet-process separator will also see a fall in price and an increase in production capacity.

The demand for high-end wet-process separators will see explosive growth along with the continuously growing demand for power battery in the world. For Chinese battery separator manufacturers, they are encountering the business focus from dry-process separators to wet-process ones. To produce high-end wet-process separator, the advanced manufacturing techniques and large-scale production capacity are urgently in need.

Most of manufacturing equipment of wet-process separators in China are exported from overseas. So far, the foreign key players including JSW and Toshiba of Japan, Master, MyungSung of South Korea, Brückner Group of Germany and others have expanded their markets in China and notched up smashing success.
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