Antaisolar provided 2MW solar ground mounting solution located in South Korea

Antaisolar provided complete set of solar mounting solution for 2MW project in South korea. All the installation work has been finished so far. It will be on grid in April.

Down a quiet gravel road in a piedmont in the North Chungcheong Province of South Korea, where the navy-blue undulating array has become a landscape. This ground solar power station has 2Mw capacity. It is expected to generate over 2.5 million KWh per year, which will reduce about 1,200 tons carbon dioxide emissions yearly. Antaisolar provided complete set of solar mounting solution for the project. All the installation work has been finished so far. It will be on grid in April.

The project is located on a steep slope with wind speed of 25m/s. Based on the condition, Antaisolar has provided double pile mounting system solution, which could be adjustable in South-North direction. The solution makes the installation in terrain easier and greatly saves the labor cost.

Double pile mounting system could be quickly installed even under complex terrain and slope conditions. Due to the large adjustment of installation angle and height, it could adapt to various weather conditions in a flexible way.

Our company will further strengthen the market and service team building in emerging countries and provides customers with high-quality solar mounting system in order to become more globally competitive. South Korea as an important part of that will be the first station.

By the end of 2017, solar power capacity installed in South Korea is about 5.7Gw in total. Korean Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy claims that the Korean government plans to increase the solar power capacity by five times by 2030, fundamentally transforming into renewable energy so that we can create an eco-friendly environment. The solar mounting system provided by Antaisolar has been used in many regions in South Korea.

This project is from our agent in South Korea focusing on solar ground mounting system project. In the future, Antaisolar will continue to offer efficient and reliable solar mounting solutions for clean energy construction in South Korea.

Looking forward to more project information from Antaisolar.

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