HelioPower installs 70kWDC Solar Power System for First Lutheran Church

HelioPower is pleased to announce the successful installation of a 70kWDC commercial photovoltaic system at the First Lutheran Church of Vista (FLC) in San Diego County.

HelioPower is pleased to announce the successful installation of a commercial photovoltaic system at the First Lutheran Church of Vista (FLC) in San Diego County. The 70kWDC system is designed to greatly reduce FLC's levelized cost of energy and marks a significant milestone in FLC's sustainability program.

"Being a longtime advocate of sustainable technologies, we wanted to encourage the development of renewable energy for our church." Said Bob Schoup, President of the Vista congregation. "The solar power system is a powerful statement to the community of what the church stands for and what our values are."

Peak demand charges are the fastest growing part of utility bills for many commercial and non-profit organizations and can represent up to 50% of their monthly utility bill. A solar photovoltaic system could not only provide most or all the electricity, but it would also provide the same environmental benefits as planting over 1,100 trees each year. The installation consists of 204 Silfab 345-watt PV modules and an SMA TripPower inverter that is designed to help offset expensive demand charges on FLC's utility bills. This will provide them approximately 120,000kWh - 124,000kWh of solar production. This will meet up to 90% of their average annual electrical needs and is expected to save about thousands of dollars per year in estimated utility savings.

"As a leading energy solutions provider, HelioPower is committed to delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions," said Brad Schmehl, President of HelioPower, "by arranging the financing, and designing and installing the system, we're able to help our customers, like First Lutheran Church, gain energy independence. HelioPower also provides ongoing asset management and O&M (operations and maintenance)."

HelioPower's mission is to work with their clients to find the most cost-effective solution to all their energy needs. More projects will be undertaken to further enhance the First Lutheran Church campus. Their responsibility is to provide a safe and comfortable place for their congregation and by supporting FLC's sustainability strategy, HelioPower was able to deliver a financially viable project that reliably deliver's results.

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