HybridFAST Quantifies the Solar + Storage Value Stack

ProtoGen shares Financial Analysis Spreadsheet Tool for public use

Quakertown, PA, April 27, 2018 — Distributed energy consulting firm ProtoGen has announced the release of HybridFAST 8.0 - the Financial Advisory Spreadsheet Tool for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, battery energy storage systems (BESS), and hybrid systems.

Solar and storage systems are increasingly compatible investments for more efficient and resilient electrical grids. Citing a surge of interest in grid modernization across markets and sectors, ProtoGen has made its formerly internal tool available for download and public use under a Creative Commons license (link: http://protogenenergy.com/hybridfast).
ProtoGen initially developed HybridFAST to help its clients better understand the financial impacts and opportunities of their grid-interactive solar + storage projects. The tool models both energy-flows and cash-flows and is capable of simulating a wide range of system architectures, operational modes, and market conditions. It contains no macros or hidden fields, and all calculations can easily be reverse-engineered, inspected, and modified for any purpose.
The origin of HybridFAST stems from an ongoing partnership between Protogen and Penn State and the GridSTAR Center located at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Experience gained from the design and operation of solar and storage systems at the GridSTAR Center were instrumental in shaping the parameters of the tool.
"HybridFAST is based on real life conditions and systems, and is also a great teaching tool," commented Professor David Riley, Director of the GridSTAR Center. "We are putting HybridFAST in the hands of professors and students to help them assess the feasibility of solar integrated storage systems in building projects."
HybridFAST accommodates varying levels of technical expertise. Its rich charting and formatting is familiar and easily understood, and it accepts both simple and advanced system component and development cost inputs. HybridFAST also allows real-time balancing of revenue streams, as well as load-shifting and peak shaving strategies. Emerging opportunities such as utility call-hours and peer-to-peer (P2P) energy transactions can also be considered.
"Conversations about the future of our electrical grid can quickly become very complex," says ProtoGen President and co-founder Kevin Wright. "HybridFAST is useful for organizing, unifying, and enriching those conversations." He adds, "I'm excited to get the tool into the hands of both technical and non-technical stakeholders."

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