Grid Analytics Europe 2018, 25-27 September 2018, London | 120+ utility data professionals convene for a review of the latest big data management, analytics and visualisation approaches to power the smart utility

Recent research carried out by Phoenix Forums reveals that European utilities are now fully invested in big data. Many have implemented internal centres of excellence utilising state of the art platforms and processes, operated by extensive teams of data engineering, data science and data visualisation specialists, recruited from outside of the industry and charged with injecting fresh thinking into the smart utility big data challenge.

Recent research carried out by Phoenix Forums reveals that European utilities are now fully invested in big data. Many have implemented internal centres of excellence utilising state of the art platforms and processes, operated by extensive teams of data engineering, data science and data visualisation specialists, recruited from outside of the industry and charged with injecting fresh thinking into the smart utility big data challenge.

But whilst the operational foundations are now firmly in place, many are struggling to go beyond the well understood asset management applications and expand their suite of use-cases to achieve the return on investment levels that Boards are expecting. "The biggest hurdle right now is around data quality," says Robin Sarfas, Conference Producer at Phoenix Forums, organisers of Grid Analytics Europe 2018. "Many utilities are having to re-visit their data management processes to improve the quality and integrity of their data in preparation for more sophisticated modelling and analysis and faster use-case expansion. The sudden influx of multiple streams of data from smart meters, sensors, IoT devices, SCADA systems, GIS systems, and externally from weather and social media sources is creating a level of complexity previously unforeseen by utility big data teams."

And it is with this in mind that the 4th annual Grid Analytics Europe 2018 conference, exhibition and networking forum is being launched. Drawing together 120+ utility big data professionals for 3 intensive days of implementation reviews, 16+ utilities are scheduled to share how they are implementing cutting-edge tools and technologies for advanced data collection, management, analysis and visualisation to deepen their insights into grid performance, fraud prevention, and new product development in preparation for the energy transition.

Speakers share their technical strategies for migrating toward a more data-driven organisation, leveraging new and existing data sources to drive use-case expansion. Technical presentations address; the integration of legacy systems to ensure the seamless flow of data across multiple systems; new data governance frameworks to meet strict GDPR requirements; advanced data cleansing, standardisation and structuring approaches to ensure data quality and consistency; innovative data analysis and visualisation models to provide deeper insights for a range of use-cases spanning the smart utility organisation. Additionally, the impact of emerging technologies such as Machine Learning, AI, Blockchain and Cloud will be considered in the context of next generation big data capabilities.

Alongside the case-study programme, there is a 2-hour Cloud tutorial, a technology innovation panel discussion, a series of intimate end-user roundtables, a live demo lab of the latest systems and solutions, an exhibition area displaying 10+ state of the art technology suppliers, and an evening networking reception open to all participants.

"Since the original launch of this event in 2013 we have mapped utilities progress with big data and recognise that many are now beyond the ‘enthusiastic beginner stage and have entered the ‘disillusioned learner phase of their big data implementation" says Mandana White, Director at Phoenix Forums. "Our intention is to provide a programme of inspiration, information and insights, that will help propel utility big data projects into ‘peak performance. We believe this years programme builds up on the previous years and provides the perfect benchmarking, technology scouting, and partnering forum for those serious about pushing their big data plans to the next level".

"The world of utilities is becoming better in getting their insights from data with advanced analytics. This conference showed that we have made a step forward again but still struggle in making the right IT platform selections, open source, or better still not having data management challenges and prioritise our key use cases. Lets go on and inspire each other. Plenty of value ahead."
Robin Hagemans, Manager Data & Insights - Alliander

"All speakers shared openly their experience and knowledge about their grid analytics journey. Good networking and I believe that we are all going back home with more ideas on how to overcome the challenges."
Francisco Melo, Head of Mission Critical Application Development - EDP

"The most useful were the shared case-studies of the actual problems, statements with a story about how the company approached the issue and what they did to solve the problem. That makes an event like Grid Analytics Europe beneficial for utilities who are seeking ideas, considering the problem, solutions and future platforms."
Raido Rosenberg, Head of Network Systems Development - Elektrilevi OÜ

"This conference gives a very good overview of use and business cases of different European DSOs and other companies for analytics. You have a perfect environment for networking and information exchange."
Sven Schillack, Referent Data Management - 50Hertz Transmission

"I enjoyed my time at Grid Analytics, learning about progress in Europe, and gaining new perspectives on how to enhance our analytics capability."
John R. Baranowski, Senior Consultant, EMS and Model Management - PJM Interconnection

Discussion topics include

 Unlocking Value - Integrating advanced big data platforms and tools into legacy infrastructures and implementing data governance procedures to unlock the full value of your big data system

 Data Management - creating an effective data cleansing and processing procedure to maximise the value of smart meter, sensor, IoT, SCADA, GIS, weather, social media and other data

 Data Analytics - effectively combining multiple streams of structured and unstructured, complex and simple, real-time and historical data, and applying advanced models and algorithms to create detailed, accurate and actionable insights

 Data Visualisation - translating complex data-driven insights into compelling visual intelligence that communicate with impact for a variety of stakeholders

 Real-time Data - establishing a real-time data management and analysis framework to process data in the order of milliseconds to support daily network activity

 Use-Case Expansion - maximising the value of established grid performance use cases and identifying opportunities for new use cases across the wider smart utility

 Future Technologies - applying Machine Learning, AI, Blockchain and Cloud to drive the next phase of smart utility big data analytics

Confirmed speakers include
 Robin Hagemans, Senior Manager, Data & Insights - Alliander
 Samuel Young, Analytics Development Leader - National Grid
 Luca Grella, Innovation Workstream Lead - UK Power Networks
 Borsu Shahnavaz, Innovation Analyst - UK Power Networks
 Jon Black, Load Forecasting Manager - ISO New England
 Marina Grujic Milosevic, Business Strategist - Vattenfall
 Gunnar Hoffmann, Head of Department, Solution Owner Big Data Analytics - Innogy
 Stephan Lanz, Data Scientist - BKW
 Jennifer Jennings, Data Scientist - ESB
 Ana Filipa Ribeiro, Project Manager - EDP
 Ivan Sturlic, Head of IT Department for Power System Planning, Analysis and Market Support - HOPS
 Liga Sadovica, Head of Data Analysis - Augstprieguma tīkls
 Petr Lang, Project Manager, Asset Strategy & Projects - E.ON Česká republika
 Prof David Shipworth, Professor or Energy and the Built Environment - UCL Energy Institute
 Bas Van Dorst, Principal Solution Specialist, Data & Artificial Intelligence - Microsoft Advanced Analytics
 Ebisa Negeri, Data Solution Architect - Microsoft Advanced Analytics
 Iain Stewart, International Practice Partner, Utilities & Smart Cities - Teradata
 Dieter Vonken, Manager, Asset Management Excellence & Data Analytics - Deloitte
 Chris Park, Data Scientist - formerly of UK Data Archive

Event dates and location:

Conference: Grid Analytics Europe 2018
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