Velo Solar Forms Strategic Joint Venture with Indigo Energy

Integrated energy sales offer distributed solar options to commercial customers

Velo Solar has formed a joint venture with Indigo Energy to offer Velo's solar expertise to Indigo's established distribution system for a range of energy products.

Indigo Energy, formed in 2000, is a national distribution network for petroleum and biofuels. In forming this partnership with Velo Solar, Indigo will diversify its energy offerings to include the fast-growing renewable resource of solar. The name of the new joint venture will be Indigo Solar.

John E. Mansfield, Jr., CEO of Indigo Energy, said Indigo's customers have a strong interest in energy management and excellent potential locations for solar installations. The warehouses and retail outlets that Indigo serves require large amounts of energy to operate. By offering solar installation from Velo's experts, Indigo can help these customers reduce their monthly operating overhead.

"This is where the future is headed and we want to be a part of it," Mansfield said. "Solar layers in very well with the customer base we already have."

Velo offers solar installation, engineering and other energy management tools that commercial operations can use to reduce their electricity costs. Velo President Mark Bell said partnering with Indigo for marketing these services is a natural fit.

"Indigo understands energy and its customers can benefit substantially from the savings they would realize from solar generation, power storage and energy monitoring," Bell said. "By getting their solar and other energy management tools through a company they already know and trust, they are assured of high quality results."

Currently, solar installation is a cost-effective choice because federal tax incentives and other financing options are available to maximize its ROI. The experts at Velo Solar can help customers evaluate their best options and choose the financial tools that best fit their budget. And with utility bills virtually guaranteed to rise in the years to come, solar is the best hedge against rising power costs.

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About Velo Solar
Velo Solar is one of Georgia's largest EPC solar firms providing engineering, consultation, installation and digital monitoring for renewable energy solutions designed to meet customers' needs. Certified to the highest standards in the solar industry, Velo Solar is dedicated to system quality, customer service and reliable performance.

About Indigo Energy
Indigo Energy is a national distributor of petroleum products that provides comprehensive service and competitive pricing to our customers. Utilizing our vast supplier and transportation network and years of industry experience, Indigo ensures quality and direct solutions to our clients' specific fuel needs.

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