Antaisolar provides rail-free roof mounting system solution for 2.57MW in Central America

Antaisolar provided the rail-free roof mounting system solution for one 2.57MW roof project located in Salvador, which has completed recently.

This solar racking system utilized is light and simple, flexible in structure, not only easy to transport, but also largely reduce the construction time on site.

The project will effectively provide electricity for the daily operation of the plant. It is estimated that the annual power generation will reach 3.2 million kWh or more, which can reduce the annual carbon dioxide emissions by about 1,500 tons.

In recent years, Antaisolar has actively expanded its business in Central America and has achieved good cooperation with customers in Honduras, Costa Rica and so on. As electricity demand continues to grow, Central America emerges a great opportunity to develop solar power.

At this point, Antaisolar will continue to focus on each niche market, optimize products and establish a regional agency system in the local area, provide the fastest and most effective services to boost the extensive use of clean energy, which allows customers to enjoy both economic and environmental benefits.

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