Sunnova Launches SunSafe™ Solar Plus Battery Storage Service in Texas

Sunnova Offers Energy Reliability to Consumers in The Lone Star State Through Solar Plus Storage

Sunnova Energy Corporation, the leading privately-held U.S. residential solar and battery storage service provider, announced today the expansion of its Sunnova SunSafe™ solar plus battery storage service offering to homeowners in the companys home state of Texas. Sunnova is one of the first residential solar plus storage service providers to offer solar plus battery storage in the Lone Star State. In addition, Sunnova is the only residential solar service provider to offer a 25-year solar plus battery storage contract with a comprehensive warranty and performance guarantee ensuring long-term peace of mind for homeowners.

"There are two things you should never bet against—adoption of technology and consumer choice—and in Texas were seeing that firsthand with the demand of residential solar plus storage. Sunnovas newly available solar plus battery storage offering provides Texan homeowners with an added layer of energy reliability and freedom that utilities cant provide," said William J. (John) Berger, Chief Executive Officer of Sunnova Energy Corporation. "Texas has been the epicenter for transformative energy technologies for years and, as such, its only fitting that homeowners across our Lone Star State will play a critical role in our mission to help power energy independence."
Sunnovas SunSafe™ offering in Texas is a customized solar plus battery storage technology system designed to replace much of the energy homeowners normally consume from the electrical grid, day and night. Sunnova SunSafe™ maximizes the use of the energy produced by the solar system, significantly reducing consumer dependence upon the grid and in some cases eliminating it all together. Unlike solar-only power systems that do not have a battery, Sunnova SunSafe™ will continue to produce and store energy when the power grid is down or idle, giving homeowners back-up power for their critical loads.
"In Texas, weve seen firsthand the devastation caused by storms and hurricanes, and homeowners across the state want to ensure theyre protecting their families from extended power outages and electricity instability," said Michael Grasso, Chief Marketing Officer for Sunnova Energy Corporation. "By offering Sunnova SunSafe™, homeowners are given that peace of mind knowing that theyll have reliable energy, day and night."
Adding to an existing suite of solar-only offerings in Texas, which include Sunnova Easy Save, Easy Save Monthly and Easy Own, Sunnova will now offer homeowners in Texas the opportunity to power their lives with solar plus storage through their Sunnova SunSafe™ Easy Own offering.
In addition to Texas, Sunnova also offers Sunnova SunSafe™ in Hawaii, Arizona, California, Puerto Rico and Massachusetts.
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Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, Sunnova is the leading privately-held U.S. residential solar plus battery storage service provider. With nearly 60,000 customers across the U.S and its territories, including Guam, Puerto Rico and the Northern Mariana Islands, Sunnova uniquely provides a 25-year service commitment with every homeowners customized solar plus storage system. Sunnovas goal is to provide the choice of affordable, worry-free solar energy and battery storage technology that generates long-term value for customers and facilitates continued business growth for its network of trusted partners.

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