EnergyBin Launches New Website for New Year

EnergyBin, the wholesale solar B2B exchange, is kicking off the new year with a new website and Resources page. Learn how EnergyBin can help your solar company accomplish your solar equipment buy-sell needs, reduce your supply chain costs, and ensure you receive wholesale solar deals at 20-70% below retail cost.

The new website offers information specific to solar brokers, solar suppliers & manufacturers, commercial & industrial solar contractors, and residential solar installers. Visitors have the option of requesting a free trial of the platform on the website home page.

In addition, a new Resources page on the company's website features material on solar equipment brokering. The resources are useful tools for full-time solar brokers, solar companies who want to adopt broker best practices, brokers from other industries interested in expanding into the solar industry, and individuals interested in learning more about equipment brokering. The information presented is based on industry research and over fifteen years of company experience working with more than 13,000 equipment brokers. Resources explore topics of why the solar industry needs equipment brokering, common characteristics and skills of equipment brokers, buying and selling solar equipment, and how brokers are using online B2B exchanges to reduce solar soft costs and increase profit margins.

Visit to learn more.

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CommTech Global - Assurance Commissioning in the Energy Industry

CommTech Global - Assurance Commissioning in the Energy Industry

CommTech Global Solutions, LLC, provides professional and reliable commissioning services to customers in all realms of the energy industry. We blend our skills in engineering and technology with innovative business models, offering a complete range of services to assist you for a successful and in compliance operational startup. Consolidation of all our service domains gives our clients a comprehensive set of expertise and far-reaching experience on each project.