China’s New Rules on Auto Investment for 2019 Opens Up an Electric Future!

As one of the fastest-growing trade shows of its line in China, GBF ASIA has captured the government's close attention. In 2018, it was honored by the presence of Mr. Ma Zuiliang, Director General of National Development and Reform Commission. By expanding its show floor to 40,000 Sq.m to receive an estimated 800+ Exhibitors, GBF ASIA will literally become China's BIGGEST battery fair in 2019!

On this Dec 10th, the long-awaited Auto Industry Investment Regulations has finally got the greenlight from China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), taking effect on January 10th.

More Hurdles Added to the Tradition Auto Industry
No doubt, these new rules are going to give traditional auto makers a hard blow, for the country is now banning new independent business that make only pure gasoline-powered vehicles, and tougher restrictions have also been put on adding new capacity in combustion engines.

Technical Innovation: the Key Word for EV & Power Battery
On the other hand, the government continues to push for electric cars, and of course, EV makers will also have to play by the rules——stricter ones, too.

For example, the new set of regulations is demanding EV startups to have their own qualified R&D team; own the patent of their core EV technology; market EVs that measure up to the industry's leading technical standards and under their own brand name; and produce at a capacity of no less than 100,000 pieces with pure electric passenger cars or no less than 5000 pieces with pure electric commercial vehicles.

It is crystal clear that the state planers are aiming for culling the more feeble EV business from the market by raising the bar on R&D capability, and the same goes for the power battery industry, except that battery enterprises are also required to take on their ecological responsibility and establish a viable battery recycling system.

Want a Share of China's Power Battery Market?
With stricter regulations, it is certainly not going to be easy for EV and battery makers to success in China. However, one thing can be say for sure is that China is driving steadily towards an sustainable and electric future!

If you also want to join this vision, your best chance will be at the 4th Asia (Guangzhou) Battery Sourcing Fair (GBF ASIA 2019), which is going to be China's BIGGEST show of its line in 2019!

The 4th Asia (Guangzhou) Battery Sourcing Fair 2019 (GBF ASIA 2019)
Date: August 16-18, 2019
Venue: China Import&Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China\
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