Propel Fuels Announces Plans to Launch EV Charging Network

California’s leading low carbon fuel brand prepares to bring fast charging to consumers as electric vehicles turn towards mainstream availability and affordability

-Propel Fuels, California's leading low carbon fuel retailer, announces plans to launch an electric vehicle (EV) charging network to bring fast and affordable access across the state of California. As millions of Californians transition to lower carbon transportation, Propel will begin testing its Propel Power network by Q4 of 2019, with broader roll-out targeted for 2020.

"EV charging opens up a new universe of location opportunities for Propel and we intend to innovate with the goal of providing a superior customer experience emphasizing convenience, value, and support"

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"The move to low carbon transportation is well underway. People are leaving fossil fuels behind, finding better value in low carbon liquid fuels today, and EV is next," said Propel CEO Rob Elam. "We have been closely watching the EV market evolve for 15 years, and feel it has turned the corner towards the mainstream. Leveraging our expertise serving low carbon consumers, we see the opportunity to help remove the barriers and anxiety, providing a valuable, customer-first charging experience to help EVs truly break through."

California's EV market has grown to roughly 450,000 vehicles in 2018 with a looming state mandate of 5 million zero emission vehicles on the road by 2030. Over 100 plug-in models are projected to be available by 2022 as auto manufacturers such as VW, Ford, Nissan, and GM continue to announce more affordable and practical EV options. Additionally, with innovation in EV technology, EV charge time is starting to match the speed and efficiency of liquid fueling.

For more than a decade, Propel has focused on mainstreaming low carbon transportation technologies across its network of low carbon fueling stations. The company counts thousands of daily customers for its Renewable Diesel and Flex Fuel E85 products. Propel has unprecedented success serving hard-to-reach low carbon fuel constituencies, including California's designated disadvantaged communities.

"It is very important to Propel's mission that everyone in California has access to the low carbon economy and its benefits. We've always believed your choice for cleaner fuels shouldn't be determined by your income, but rather your values," continued Elam. "We're encouraged by strong commitments to EVs by automakers, and believe our charging network can bring these technologies to everyday Californians."

Propel has deployed a proprietary, low-carbon retail platform throughout California. The platform enables data-powered insights into low carbon customer values, behaviors, and demographics. Innovation in customer experience, mobile communication, and retail technology have earned Propel the fueling industry's most loyal customers, matching that of America's strongest consumer brands. Propel has made significant technology investments to support the Propel Power rollout including patented P:LOCAL™ site selection tools, CleanDrive® carbon tracking, and cloud-based network operations providing a robust platform for management.

The statewide shift towards cleaner and lower carbon fuels is stimulated by California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and Cap & Trade policies — the state's carbon pricing legislation that is regarded as the world's most sweeping, sophisticated, and extensible. As the world's 5th largest economy, and the largest fuel market in the U.S., California has fundamentally changed the economics of transportation fuels. California's carbon policies have proven exceptionally durable and the velocity of change is increasing exponentially.

"EV charging opens up a new universe of location opportunities for Propel and we intend to innovate with the goal of providing a superior customer experience emphasizing convenience, value, and support," continued Elam.

Propel will continue to grow its Diesel HPR and Flex Fuel E85 station platform, while extending its Propel Power network beyond the traditional fuel station environment.

Propel is currently engaged in the RFP and technical evaluation process, working with EV infrastructure manufacturers to combine Propel's best-in-class fuel consumer experience with new EV technologies. Propel invites interested technology partners to contact the company and participate in the RFP process.

About Propel

Propel was founded in 2004 with a mission to connect people to better fuels. Propel has pioneered clean fuel retail, leading the industry with unparalleled innovation in retail technology and customer experience. With retail locations across California, Propel provides new fuel choices that are higher in performance, deliver better value and create healthier communities. Propel ranked among 2015's top 10 private companies in Silicon Valley and is recognized by Inc. Magazine's "Inc. 500." More information is available at and by following Propel at and on Twitter at @PropelFuels.

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