ADS-TEC at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Pavilion at the Hannover Messe 2019: The storage-based 320 kW fast-charging solution HPC can now be ordered directly from ADS-TEC

In addition, the storage specialist from Nuertingen will be providing information about its entire product portfolio of scalable battery storage systems for homes, businesses, industry and infrastructure. Its own cloud-based IT system can be used to create a number of added benefits.

From April 1st to 5th, 2019 ADS-TEC is participating in Integrated Energy - the leading trade fair for integrated energy systems and mobility - and will be in the Baden- Wuerttemberg Pavilion (Hall 27, booth H75) to show its world-leading 320 kW DC fast-charging technology "High Power Charger", which thanks to integrated high-performance battery, enables the shortest charging times, even in the power-capped distribution network.

In addition, the storage specialist from Nuertingen will be providing information about its entire product portfolio of scalable battery storage systems for homes, businesses, industry and infrastructure. Its own cloud-based IT system can be used to create a number of added benefits.

Based on decades of experience, ADS-TEC develops and produces high quality lithium-ion battery storage systems including energy management systems. Starting at 19, 28 and 47 kilowatt hours for larger private units or businesses, storage solutions are available up into the multi-megawatt range for industry and infrastructure applications. Their modular design and comprehensive IT management systems allow almost unlimited scalability.

ADS-TEC sees a real need for battery-based charging systems in the near future of e-mobility. In contrast to conventional filling stations, there will be many more charging stations because in the future people will produce and consume their very own energy. This happens mainly in the power-limited distribution network, where an expensive network expansion is usually not worthwhile.
ADS-TEC already supplies intelligent battery solutions for fast charging stations, which provide high charging power in the power-limited distribution network.

320 kW "High Power Charging": HPC booster and HPC dispenser
At this year's Hannover Messe, the company will be showcasing its world-leading HPC "High Power Charging" fast-charging solution for existing and future electric vehicles and which can now be ordered directly from ADS-TEC. The crucial component is its extremely compressed cube-shaped storage system "HPC booster" with a footprint of less than 1.5 m2. The "HPC dispenser" fast-charging solution allow a DC charging capacity of up to 320 kW. This allows several hundred kilometres range to be loaded in just a few minutes. The system is easy to integrate and uses the existing distribution network effectively and without complex network expansion. Its extremely small size makes it easy to integrate, even in inner-city areas, and with its exceptionally high-quality design, it also fulfils high-end functions. Loading is noise-reduced and therefore ideal for residential areas too. This is a new development in cooperation with the Porsche Engineering Group.

Mini container system "PowerBooster"
The compact "PowerBooster" outdoor battery system is another ADS-TEC quick-to-integrate solution. It also delivers high performance to fast charging stations while being recharged at low power at the available grid connection point. Again, complex medium-voltage systems, building subsidies or expensive network expansion can be avoided. As a network storage and accommodation solution,
the PowerBooster can be installed almost anywhere, directly outdoors and connected to the 400 volt distribution network. Many network-related functions such as voltage maintenance, delay for optimum bandwidth utilisation, frequency control, reactive power provision or prevention of supply spikes are all possible. Energy suppliers and local grid operators are already successfully using the PowerBooster on temporary overloaded distribution grids by volatile producers and consumers such as photovoltaic systems and e-vehicles.

Added value through the cloud platform Big-LinX® from ADS-TEC
Due to the special energy density and consistently high performance of all StoraXe storage systems from ADS-TEC, there are extensive physical applications. The individual storage systems can be operated collectively, in a swarm, for example. The Big-LinX Energy platform brings together local and global energy management systems. On the basis of tried-and-tested and optimised IT security standards, it is possible to manage distributed energy systems, swarm applications, the integration into virtual power plants and complex hybrid power plants. Various energy management tools already help with planning, take over monitoring, remote maintenance or data analysis during operation, and provide many opportunities for future business models and integrations.

The added value of StoraXe systems from ADS-TEC lies not only in performance-optimised hardware, but above all in IT and the added value of Big-LinX Energy.
ADS-TEC Energy GmbH - Technology for Professionals - 100% Made in Germany

ADS-TEC Energy GmbH is a joint venture between the ADS-TEC Group and BOSCH. Based on decades of experience with Li-ion storage technologies from the industrial PC sector, ADS-TEC develops and produces highly efficient battery storage and fast charging systems in the energy sector. Starting with capacities from 19 kWh for private houses and smaller commercial enterprises all the way up to scalable industrial storage systems, infrastructure solutions in the multi-megawatt range for energy providers and grid operators and self-sufficient energy supply systems, the company has been providing professional solutions to a broad based clientele for many years now. The SRS2019 industrial storage system with 19 kWh was recently named „Top storage battery 2018" by Manager Magazine online and, according to "brand eins", ADS-TEC is one of the most innovative companies in Germany in the "Energy & Environment" category.
The newly developed fast charging technology for electric mobility is proving to be ground-breaking. It is unsurpassed worldwide in its compactness in terms of capacity and performance.

ADS-TEC's CEO, Thomas Speidel, is president of the German Energy Storage Association (Bundesverband Energiespeicher e.V., BVES). Through the initiatives in numerous projects funded on the state and national level, ADS-TEC maintains close relationships with businesses and research institutions along the entire value chain.

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