PanelClaw Partners with Yotta to Enable Integrated Rooftop Panel-Level Solar-Plus-Storage

PanelClaw's solar racking to come pre-engineered with SolarLEAF attachment, simplifying deployment of solar-plus-storage and reducing installation costs by eliminating concrete ballasts

March 6, 2019 - AUSTIN, Texas and NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. - Yotta, a developer of innovative panel-level energy storage solutions, and PanelClaw®, a global leader in flat roof racking, are pleased to announce that they will be working to develop Yotta's patented SolarLEAF™ energy storage solutions as an attachment to PanelClaw®'s rooftop racking solution, the most used and trusted flat roof solar products on the market today. The SolarLEAF™ system is the world's first and only thermally protected panel-level energy storage solution. It can be seamlessly integrated in the PanelClaw® system and will be placed in lieu of heavy concrete blocks.

"Because the SolarLEAF™ system replaces or reduces the need for concrete blocks on ballast racking, it enables a compact, versatile and seamless integration of solar-plus-storage for rooftop systems," said Costa Nicolaou, CEO of PanelClaw. "Now, project developers and solar integrators will have a rooftop storage solution that is easy to install, scalable and is safe."

PanelClaw®'s flat roof racking systems will come pre-engineered and fully equipped for the SolarLEAF™ attachment, making the addition of energy storage simple for solar developers and utilities by eliminating the design and site-specific complexities that come with centralized storage. The SolarLEAF™ reduces project and operational costs by eliminating the need for large enclosures, HVAC and fire suppression systems required by other battery technologies. It also lowers expensive shipping costs associated with heavy ballasts and centralized energy storage systems. Yotta's patented passive thermal regulation technology shields the battery from both hot and sub-freezing temperatures, resulting in a longer service life, industry-leading efficiency for combined solar-plus-storage and higher overall solar generation.

"The demand for cost effective energy storage is rapidly growing and will be critical to the future growth of solar. We created the SolarLEAF™ to make adding energy storage seamless for solar developers and utilities by eliminating the design and site-specific complexities that come along with centralized storage," said Omeed Badkoobeh, Yotta's co-founder and CEO. "We're excited to team up with PanelClaw® to deliver energy storage to its extensive customer base."

PanelClaw® has installed over 1.3 gigawatts of flat roof racking deployed around the world including over 100 megawatts in Europe alone.

About Yotta Solar
Yotta Solar is an Austin, Texas innovator that is simplifying energy storage for solar by removing the complexity and cost of centralized stationary storage. Yotta's patented SolarLEAF™ utilizes a technological breakthrough in thermal regulation that enables panel-level energy storage in even the most extreme climates. This creates a symbiotic relationship between the solar panels and energy storage that streamlines project design and installation, eliminates the need for complex HVAC and fire suppression systems, and doesn't require extra real estate for containerized solutions - resulting in significantly lower project costs. Learn more at

About PanelClaw®
PanelClaw® is the #1 flat roof racking provider in North America. PanelClaw racking has been deployed on over 9,000 flat roof projects totaling 1.3GW in 30 countries around the world. PanelClaw is backed by more than 10 years of experience. With a focus exclusively on flat roof systems, PanelClaw continues to transform the way flat roof PV is done and accelerate its adoption worldwide.

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