QEI, Announces Partnership with Hubbell Power Systems on Standard Capacitor Bank Solution

QEI produces a variety of single-phase and 3-phase capacitor controllers. Using the easy to use QEI SmartWare II software, configure the capacitor controllers to switch capacitor banks based on voltage, kVAR, kW, current, temperature, time, day of the week, and power factor which led Hubbell to chose QEI as their vendor of choice.

Springfield, NJ— July 1st, 2019 — at company headquarters, QEI, LLC is proud to announce our partnership with Hubbell Power Systems on their Standard Capacitor bank using QEI Capacitor Controllers, that give clients a unique advantage with a blanketing solution. Our team of engineers and technicians worked closely with Hubbell to customize the solutions to meet their requirements. Engineering and design teams from both sides worked together for weeks until they reached the conclusion that the QEI mCAP II and eCAP II were the perfect solution. The mCAP II and eCAP II are available as a standard model or an extended model. The extended model adds 2-line LCD display and toggle switches that can be used to program the control in the field without a computer. All models include a USB port for interfacing with a PC, data retrieval and viewing system information.

All controls can be furnished with either Full or Limited feature set. The Limited version supports time, temperature, and voltage switching strategies while the Full feature version supports all switching parameters.
The eCAP II performs the same functions as the mCAP II. The eCAP II also supports remote communications with SCADA. Communication equipment is mounted inside the enclosure to protect the communication device. All analog, status, and control points are remotely accessible via DNP3, Modbus, or QUICS communication protocol (other protocols are available).
The eCAP II is also available in Limited version (Time, Temperature, and Voltage functions only).
QEI Capacitor Controllers Ecap II and mCAP II are part of QEI, LLC's commitment to deliver the latest product updates in one convenient installation. QEI Capacitor Controllers are available upon request. Clients can request more information by calling us directly at 973-379-7400 or visiting our website at www.QEIINC.COM

Founded in 1960, QEI, LLC is the worldwide leader in SCADA Systems. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to provide long term automation solutions.

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