Quarterly Report For the Period End June 30, 2019 " 2019 PLANS AND UPDATES "

Global Clean Energy, Inc. is well positioned to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities in the mushrooming alternative energy industry due to its technology, project development approach and financial engineering expertise. The Company is structured to be a low-cost supplier in its selected market niches and will be positioned to survive periods of market weakness and to thrive during market expansions


Waste to Fuels & Recovered Carbon Black project (W2F). GCE has developed a W2F project to produce
high value fuel and recovered carbon black from used tires using pyrolysis technology. Pyrolysis is the
super heating of material in the absence of oxygen which breaks down the hydrocarbons to create syngas and solids.

The syngas is converted to ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel & naphtha). The solids recovered
from the pyrolysis process are recovered carbon black (rCB). The rCB is sold into the carbon black markets.

Both the fuel and the rCB have Letters Of Intent to purchase the resultant fuel and carbon black. The project,which has been in development for many years, was put on hold due to the dramatic price drop of fuel in 2016/2017. Due to the stabilization of fuel prices presently, the project has renewed interest from three funding groups.

The project team is moving forward with due diligence with each group and is cautiously
optimistic the project will be funded.

The entire year of 2018 was also devoted to finalizing the Algae REIT model and prepare for funding and operation. The process has been time consuming but extremely successful. IT HAS BEEN DONE WITHOUT ANY FURTHER DEBT RAISE AND WITHOUT ANY STOCK BEING USED TO DILUTE OUR

" Management deeply appreciates the patience and confidence shown in 2018. "

The highlights of progress are:

l. a sit has been selected in Houston, Texas for the Algae operation,

2. The projections show a 32% net on revenue. Today's net on an average REIT is 8%.

3. The site has been engineered to have as low a carbon footprint as near zero. Electricity will mostly (92%) come from solar energy, and water will be recycled.

4. The REIT offering will be priced in the third quarter of 2019 and we are hoping for funding within the quarter. Again, the entire Algae project will not involve issuance of any GCE stock.

The company firmly believes that the Algae REIT will become model for developing clean biofuels for the future but while making money on sales of Algae for all the uses that have developed over the last decade.

The company put out an update on its' progress in the form of a news release and hope to further give a progress update in the next 30 days. The growth of the algae market since we began work has been in excess of triple the market in dollar terms. Additionally, as mentioned in the release our research and
development will be approximately 10% of the land utilization.

Lastly, the new corporate phone number is: 713-566-0046 which was done to save money in the office and our ability to expand the system to our algae locations as they grow.

https://backend.otcmarkets.com/otcapi/company/financial-report/228386/content ^(pgs 9 &10)^


Investor relations : 713-852-7474

Corporate: phone number is: 713-566-0046

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