Early learning center turns to Eversource's energy efficiency expertise to cut energy costs and enhance comfort

MANCHESTER, N.H. (August 21, 2019) - A Place to Grow recently worked with Eversource to complete several energy efficiency improvements that have helped this early childhood learning center take root in the community. Located in Brentwood, the center is now near the top of its class for sustainability and has a more comfortable year-round environment for students, teachers, and families - all while saving $4,800 in annual energy costs and reducing its impact on the environment.

"Eversource is proud to be a trusted source for energy expertise and support projects that help small businesses save money and energy, while reducing their impact on the environment," said Eversource Vice President of Energy Efficiency Tilak Subrahmanian. "A Place to Grow operates year-round, has long hours and serves children, which made it the perfect candidate for energy-efficient upgrades. The center went above and beyond and now uses its experience to teach its students and their families about sustainability."

"Improving your facility and finding opportunities to save money while also running the business takes a lot of time and planning," said A Place to Grow Owner Jennifer Briggs. "Eversource guided me throughout the process and helped identify energy-efficient solutions along the way. We are committed to being more sustainable, and it shows in everything we do; it is a part of our classroom lessons, daily activities, and even our logo."

When Briggs purchased the property in 2016, she immediately noticed that many of the building's features were outdated and inefficient and turned to Eversource to improve comfort and energy use. Today, in addition to the cost savings, A Place to Grow is on its way to achieving energy independence.

The energy efficiency work completed included replacing more than 70 fluorescent and incandescent interior and exterior lights with LED lighting and controls, which make it easier to adjust to seasonal light changes and improves outdoor safety during short winter days. The weatherization project completed by Shakes to Shingles sealed drafts and improved insulation, while six new air source heat pumps improved the comfort and temperature consistency throughout the building. Additionally, Briggs replaced the roof and installed a solar array that produces a majority of the building's energy.

The project was completed by contractor Amore Electric as part of the Eversource Small Business Energy Solutions program, which includes a free facility audit by a qualified energy contractor and a proposal detailing recommended energy improvements. Eversource reviews the proposal to ensure that the project is cost-effective and pays up to 50 percent of project costs for installation of approved energy-efficient measures such as LED lighting and building controls, inspects the completed project to verify equipment is correctly installed and working, and confirms the job is completed to customer satisfaction.

Eversource's Small Business Energy Solutions program served more than 1,800 New Hampshire small business customers in 2018. For more information on energy efficiency programs for your home or business, please visit Eversource.com.

Photo Caption: As part of Eversource's Small Business Energy Solutions program, Eversource-authorized contractor Amore Electric installs air source heat pumps at A Place to Grow to keep energy costs low and staff and students comfortable.

Eversource (NYSE: ES) is New Hampshire's largest electric utility, serving more than 500,000 homes and businesses in 211 cities and towns, and also supplies water to approximately 9,300 homes and businesses in Hampton, North Hampton and Rye. Eversource is proud to be recognized as the top contributor to United Way in New Hampshire. Recognized as the top U.S. utility for its energy efficiency programs by the sustainability advocacy organization Ceres, Eversource harnesses the commitment of about 8,000 employees across three states to build a single, united company around the mission of safely delivering reliable energy and water with superior customer service.

For more information, please visit our website (www.eversource.com) and follow us on Twitter (@eversourceNH) and Facebook (facebook.com/EversourceNH). For more information on our water services, visit www.aquarionwater.com.

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