World’s largest residential off-grid solar project enters final stage; is ‘powered by Morningstar’

U.S.-based solar charging leader and an Italian electrical company partner to bring electricity to 1 million Peruvians; accomplish goal on schedule and budget.

September 23rd, Salt Lake City, Utah USA-- at the nation's premiere solar event, Morningstar Corporation will present the results of the single largest off-grid solar-powered rural electrification project in history: Peru's five-year initiative to raise the country's electrification rate from 70% to 96%, with the first phase powering some 200,000 homes and 3,000 community centers and bringing electricity to nearly one million Peruvians. Peru's government selected the global energy innovator TozziGreen of Italy to deliver the systems required—and Tozzi turned to Morningstar Corporation of Pennsylvania, as 25+ year leader in solar charging technology, to develop and produce critical subsystems and components needed to make such an effort succeed.

The TozziGreen DC Energy Box is a unique, self-contained system engineered for trouble-free deployment, installation and use. Everything a homeowner needs to store and use solar-generated electricity is sealed in an enclosed turnkey system they simply connect to the solar module supplied with it. Once activated, an equipped home has enough electricity to power basic lighting and telephone charging, transforming the quality of life for all its inhabitants. Larger systems provided by Tozzi, also with Morningstar technology on-board, power community centers and networking equipment to ensure that the schools, clinics, network facilities and other rural infrastructure near these homes are also electrified.

"When governments look at transforming lives by bringing electricity to remote settlements and farms that don't have access to it, the life-improving benefits had to be weighed against the often staggering cost of running an electrical grid through forests, swamps, mountains, and every obstacle imaginable—and often those same barriers rule out fueling and maintaining generators," explains Morningstar's founder and president Lee Gordon. "But the improved technologies and economics of solar electricity are a game-changing shortcut around all those previously-insurmountable challenges. Homes can be wired and supplied with locally and cleanly-produced electricity at a fraction of the cost of running a grid, with systems that can run for decades with little maintenance. What might have taken a decade of planning can now be accomplished in a matter of months, and entire communities no longer have to wait to be lifted out of electrical poverty—solar provides the means of self-determination for them."

See and hear Morningstar present the Peruvian project at SPI's Poster Reception on Tuesday, September 24th, 5:00-6:00 PM MDT in booth #4680.

See Morningstar's innovation, technology and products in Salt Lake City, Booth 4629, September 22-26.

About Morningstar Corporation

With well over 4 million products installed and sold since 1993—in some of the most extreme environments and mission-critical applications in the world—Morningstar Corporation is truly "the world's leading supplier of solar controllers and inverters." The US-based privately-owned company is headquartered in Newtown, Pennsylvania, with an engineering research and development center in Maryland and a global network of dedicated, best-in-class distribution and manufacturing partners.

About Tozzi Green

Tozzi Green is one of Italy's leading renewable energy groups and one of the world's leading players in rural electrification. The Group has been operating worldwide for over 30 years developing plants for the generation of energy from renewable sources. It is the only organization that fully horizontally integrates the entire supply chain (Development, EPC, O&M) of all plants from renewable energy sources (RES): hydroelectric, wind, photovoltaic, biomass and biogas. The Group is also one of the world's leading players in rural electrification and sustainable rural development.

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