Unirac, Inc. and Viridian Solar Announce Technology Licensing Deal for Roof Integrated Solar

Unirac, Inc. licenses Viridian Solar's leading roof integrated solar technology for growing residential solar markets in California and other US states

Unirac, Inc, North America's leading manufacturer of PV mounting systems, and Viridian Solar, a UK-based manufacturer of roof integrated solar panels, are excited to announce a new collaboration to bring Viridian's roof-integrated solar technology to the United States. Unirac will showcase the product at Solar Power International in Salt Lake City, Utah September 24-26.

Marketed as Clearline Fusion in European markets, the product is especially well suited to the new-build residential sector where Viridian Solar has quickly achieved a market-leading position in the United Kingdom, signing up leading homebuilders to exclusive national supply agreements. It has also seen recent success in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Germany and Austria.

For more than 20 years, UNIRAC has paced the North American market as a leading provider of PV mounting solutions. Over the last eighteen months, the company has executed a series of new acquisitions, strategic partnerships and new product launches to expand its offering to provide a more holistic solar experience.

Welcoming the deal, Peter Lorenz, CEO of Unirac says:

"Our quest to develop, seek out and offer the best and most innovative products on the market led us to Cambridge and Viridian Solar. We selected Viridian's PV roofing system for its elegant simplicity, high-quality materials, robust testing, and proven market performance. The solar mandate comes into force in California in 2020 and we will be ready to offer homebuilders in California and other states a highly desirable, aesthetically pleasing roof integrated solar option."

Founded in 2004 by engineers from Cambridge University, Viridian Solar has a long pedigree and solid track-record of designing and manufacturing roof-integrated solar technology. The system replaces tiles on pitched roofs, sitting lower in the roofline for improved aesthetics as well as the highest wind resistance and fire rating of any roof-integrated system. Easy to use design software, installation techniques, and simple kitting make the system attractive to both experienced and novice solar installers.

Stuart Elmes, CEO of Viridian Solar explained:

"We have been extremely impressed by the professionalism and dynamism of the Unirac team and look forward to working together to successfully bring this product to the United States. Unirac's undoubted experience, market reach and reputation will be key to unlocking this tremendous opportunity."

Viridian Solar has granted Unirac an exclusive license to manufacture, market and sell its roof-integrated solar technology in the US and Latin American markets. Come by Unirac's Booth (4513) at Solar Power International to see the new product and get more information on upcoming availability.

About Unirac, Inc.
UNIRAC is a leading provider of PV installation products and services that enable residential, commercial and light utility solar installation. With more than 20 years of experience serving global solar markets, UNIRAC products have been installed more than 750,000 times and are helping to provide more than 5GW of clean, sustainable energy. Proudly headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, UNIRAC products are installed by leading solar contractors worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.unirac.com, follow @Unirac on Twitter or @UniracSolar on Instagram, or connect on Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Viridian Solar
Viridian Solar is an innovative Cambridge-based designer and manufacturer of solar photovoltaic products. It is best known for low profile, roof integrated Clearline Fusion range of PV solar panels.

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