Phase shifting power transformers to disrupt the global electric sector

Serving as a key link for the power delivery between the source and the end-user application, the power transformers have been witnessing a buoyant growth over the past few years on account of various reforms in the global power sector.

Since time immemorial, electricity and power have been vital across the industrial and residential sectors worldwide. Practically most appliances used across homes, offices, and factories are dependent inherently on electric current. In this context, repetitive instances of power failure and voltage fluctuations can prove to be detrimental as far as the safety of these appliances is concerned. This has led to the requirement of power transformers which help transfer the electrical energy to different circuits via the electromagnetic induction mechanism.

Serving as a key link for the power delivery between the source and the end-user application, the power transformers have been witnessing a buoyant growth over the past few years on account of various reforms in the global power sector. As per the data released by the U.S Energy Information Agency (EIA), the world recorded a massive consumption of over 582.367 quadrillion Btu of the energy. This number is indeed expected to rise in the years to come, providing a boost to the demand for power transformers worldwide.
The maturing power transformer market is establishing tremendous opportunities for energy and power companies globally, as they gear up to devise novel products to the mainstream. As a matter of fact, one of the leading power transformer manufacturers, ABB Limited, in early 2018 unveiled the world's first ever digitally integrated power transformer- ABB Ability- at the Hannover Fair. Inventions such as the aforementioned are anticipated to transform the transformer space over time whilst enabling remote monitoring and data analytics in real time.
Power transformers receive electricity at enormously high voltages, which is later stepped-down by the transformer to lower voltages to be transmitted to the individual residential or commercial units via the distribution transformers.
Other than being handy across the residential and commercial suites, these transformers are also used at the power generating stations which are established to produce electricity for a larger area of the city.
Power Shifting Transformer- an emerging trend in the power transformer domain
The power transformers realm has been undergoing a plethora of transforming trends which is making it a rather revolutionizing business space. Of the emerging trends, the introduction of phase shifting transformers (PST) is expected to leave a huge impact on the industry outlook over 2020-2026.
The phase shifting transformers are vastly used in the power systems to control the active power flow in the branches across the meshed networks. This control of the power flow is substantially achieved by correcting the phase angle of the voltages at the device terminals.
These transformers protect the lines, making the electric grids more reliable along with reducing the transmission losses. In line with this, the phase shift transformers are also considered to be amongst the most economic and highly cost-efficient solutions designed for the power flow management.
Speaking of the PSTs gaining widescale prominence, it has been speculated that ABB Limited, a leading power transformer manufacturer had in November 2019 bagged an order of nearly USD 30 million from Amprion GmbH to deliver electricity to over more than 29 million households in the range of Alps to Lower Saxony in the South of Germany. The order included supplies of phase shifting transformers which are expected to augment the power flow in the region and meanwhile support the integration of renewable resources.
Smart grids - the future
As the world of power transformers is drastically transforming, the manufacturers are rapidly looking forward to addressing the needs of the massively increasing smart-grid infrastructure. The technological innovations and inventions in the field of these transformers is focusing on delivering a golden future of the smart grid.
The profound benefits behind this outgrowing need includes reduced greenhouse gas emissions, enhanced air quality, improved energy security, and high grid utilization inducing a robust increase in the interactive digital communications, adoption of smart metering, and high reliance on secondary side power.
The wide scale usage of power transformers has brought about a transformative turn in the power and energy sector since the last few years. Furthermore, the ongoing inventions and technological advancements in the field would also spur the expansion of these devices across the globe on a large scale in the forthcoming years.

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