New guide shows how to manage energy costs in challenging times

Centrica Business Solutions has published a new guide that details five opportunities to help businesses manage energy costs in challenging times.

The publication shows organisations how they can balance commercial success with environmental responsibility by taking advantage of sustainable energy opportunities.This can help drive business efficiency and resilience, as well as reducing costs and carbon emissions.

Today, organisations across the world are operating in the face of unprecedented disruption and market uncertainty. They are seeking ways to be more efficient and reduce outgoing spend, so they can deliver for their customers, whilst still generating revenue to keep their business on track.

As a major overhead, energy is a good place to focus. A 20% cut in energy costs can represent the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales. However, many businesses are unclear how to achieve cost efficiencies without jeopardising carbon reduction targets or spending large sums of money.

Advances in technology, digitalisation and new financing models are opening up affordable new opportunities to make long-term energy savings, while also helping businesses to work towards their net-zero ambitions.

The new guide explains how energy can be a driver for commercial value and business growth. It sets out five proven methods businesses can use to deliver on both their financial and environmental goals.

Businesses reading the guide will:

- Discover the 5 opportunities that will help them to better manage energy cost.

- Learn about each of the 5 energy saving solutions, their key benefits and the process involved in deploying these opportunities.

- Understand how other companies are capitalising on energy opportunities to improve their business performance.

- Find out how Centrica Business Solutions can support energy cost management and carbon reduction, including finance.

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