"HIGHLIGHTS" in QUARTERLY Report For the Period Ending: MARCH 31, 2020

Global Clean Energy is a public company trading on the OTC Symbol GCEI: Pink Markets . The company over the last 10 years has worked on technologies for the conversion of waste to biofuels. We have developed the ability to do so, yet the company has had continued problems with long term financing and now with the economy and the direction it is heading, biofuels are nearly impossible to profitably bring to market. The companywill continue to pursue our ability to have waste to fuels as a part of our corporate strategy, but it will notlikely be in the near future with oil prices hovering at near negative values. As well, GCE will continue pursuing acquisitions which will be available and profitable for the company.

With that in mind the company has been working on algae and its' application outside of biofuels. GCE

believes that algae may be the way of the future, and with that research we have established a corporate vision: THROUGH THE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF ALGAE AND ITS' APPLICATIONS

GCE for a number of years has researched and analyzed the three major points of embarking on the utilization of algae to build a better world. First, our direction for financing is through an Algae REIT which will allow GCE to be the managing general partner.

We have developed a financing package to bring the REIT to market at the level of $50 million. Secondly, having the right equipment configuration for profitable production in a self-contained system.

We have identified a 20-acre location in Houston, Texas and the companies who will build the turn key system for GCE. The first two products we plan on selling are fertilizer and feed for livestock. In both instances using algaequalifies the crops and meats as "Organic".
Presently, we have targeted 20 product lines for development with algae as the key ingredient.

GCE has always believed that research and development is key to the booming growth of algae applications. It is our intention that 10% of each algae location will be devoted to R&D.

Once funding is secured, we have targeted 5 universities in the US to work with GCE on algae development.

Contact Information:

(713) 852 7474 (Investor Relations)


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