Fuel cells silicone hose manufacturers

Venair Group is an international leader in manufacturing silicone hoses and special pieces of silicone. We provide complete custom design services for all kinds of applications for fuel cells.

From one piece project to serial production we manufacture complete custom fluid transfer systems design exclusively for your specific application.

Whatever the nature of the fluid you convey, its temperature, concentration, working pressure, or even the type of cleaning cycles used in your process, Venair emerges as the specialist offering a customized solution for you.

We offer silicone hoses that provide:

- High flexibility

- High purity

- Low permeability

- Low weight

- Good chemical compatibility with DI water and coolants.

- Non-conductive

We offer the most efficient customized solution for each specific process in fuel cell systems for:

- Hydrogen upload system

- Air intake

- DI water

- Cooling systems

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