Electric Car Sharing Program Receives MassCEC Award

E4TheFuture wins grant to pilot the state's first income-tiered electric vehicle car-sharing program.

September 22, 2020


Media contact: Carina Daniels

Electric Car Sharing Program Receives MassCEC Award

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — E4TheFuture, a Massachusetts nonprofit focused on energy efficiency, clean energy and equity, has been awarded a grant to pilot the state's first income-tiered electric vehicle car-sharing program. Cars and chargers will serve residents and businesses in Roxbury.

Thanks to generous funding from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) as part of its Accelerating Clean Transportation Now (ACTNow) program, the pilot will aim to provide a clean and convenient personal transit option for area residents, with a focus on affordability for low income residents.

E4TheFuture is partnering with Shared Mobility, Inc., Nuestra Comunidad, Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), Eversource, and the City of Boston. This project meets Massachusetts' Environmental Justice Criteria.

Steve Cowell, president of E4TheFuture, said:

"E4TheFuture is excited to lead a pilot that enhances equity and social benefit for the Roxbury community, while contributing to a healthier environment sourced with cleaner energy that will reduce carbon emissions as well as tailpipe emissions."

Cammy Peterson, MAPC Director of Clean Energy, said:

"Advancing community access to all-electric shared forms of transportation is key to reaching net zero emissions goals, reducing both the number of cars on the road and greenhouse gas emissions. We are excited to work with our project partners on this pioneering model for self-sustaining and equity-focused electric car sharing and will seek to disseminate lessons learned across the Metro Boston region."

James Cater, Electric Vehicle Program Lead at Eversource, said:

"Eversource is committed to expanding transportation electrification in Massachusetts and ensuring that all of our customers have equitable access to electric vehicle charging. We are proud to support this effort and look forward to bringing this project to fruition."

Chris Cook, Chief of the Mayor's Office of Environment, Energy, and Open Space, said:

"This community-owned electric vehicle carshare in Roxbury is an exciting first for the City of Boston. To achieve Mayor Walsh's goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, electric vehicles and our Healthy Streets initiative are crucial in making our neighborhoods and communities safer, healthier, more equitable, and resilient. We thank MassCEC for helping us invest in Boston's communities and look forward to Roxbury residents, small businesses, and all Bostonians benefiting from this program."

Car sharing is gaining popularity as a transportation alternative for those who cannot afford a personal vehicle or choose not to own a car. Sliding rates for use of the electric vehicles (EVs) will enable low-income residents to access personal transportation at very affordable costs. The service will complement public transportation, providing an option for shopping and laundromat trips, doctor's appointments, and for small business owners that need to deliver goods or services on an occasional basis.

The program also welcomes market-rate subscribers. They pay a bit more, but the cost of carsharing remains below the cost of car ownership. It provides an introduction to clean, quiet EV technology for those who have an interest in electric vehicles but are yet not ready to purchase one.
The program is scheduled to launch this winter.

About the Partners

Shared Mobility "(SMI)" is a Buffalo, New York based non-profit organization focused on shared transportation options. Working with partners at the Mobility Development Group, the SMI team has successfully launched community-controlled shared mobility programs across the U.S. from Albany (Capital Carshare) to Los Angeles (BlueLA).

Nuestra Comunidad is a nonprofit, community-controlled development corporation based in Roxbury. Since 1981, Nuestra has developed over 800 apartments affordable to working families and built and sold nearly 200 homes that have created wealth and neighborhood stability.

Metropolitan Area Planning Council ("MAPC") is the regional planning agency serving the people who live and work in the 101 cities and towns of Metropolitan Boston with a mission to promote smart growth and regional collaboration. MAPC works toward sound municipal management, sustainable land use, protection of natural resources, efficient and affordable transportation, a diverse housing stock, public safety, economic development, clean energy, healthy communities, an informed public, and equity and opportunity for all.

Eversource is the largest energy delivery company in New England, managing and delivering electricity, gas and water to 4 million customers in the states of New Hampshire, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

The City of Boston is governed by Mayor Martin J. Walsh and the City Council with the assistance of various departments, agencies, and commissions. Developing and implementing plans such as Imagine Boston 2030, Go Boston 2030, and the 2019 Climate Action Plan Update, the City is working to make Boston a healthy, thriving and resilient city where all residents have better and more equitable travel choices.

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