Next-Gen Smart Grid Virtual Summit on December 9 to Look at Key Technology Advances and Business Models

Specific focus is on recent advances in smart grid technology and the latest implementation business models for ensuring grid resiliency, reliability and services flexibility.

Energy networks are undergoing fundamental change: centralized power systems are decarbonizing and incorporating more distributed energy resources, fostered by developments in power system management and ICT advances. The energy ecosystem is characterized by a growing number of prosumers (consumers and producers), interoperability challenges among disparate devices, new load sources such as EVs, and the growing importance of big data analytics for utility decision making. Navigating this environment is critical for electric utilities who wish to survive and thrive going forward.

The Next-Gen Smart Grid Virtual Summit on December 9, 2020, is a one-day, 100% online conference organized by SGO that takes a deep-dive look into key opportunities and challenges facing energy providers in today's changing grid environment. Specific focus is on recent advances in smart grid technology and the latest implementation business models for ensuring grid resiliency, reliability and services flexibility. Case studies of utility smart grid deployments will be examined with an eye toward key lessons learned to date and how to utilize next-gen advances for strategic growth in mid- to long-term.

Event website:

Speakers at this year's conference include:

- Susan Mora, Senior Director Strategic Initiatives, Exelon

- Kelly Speakes-Backman, CEO, Energy Storage Association

- Peter H. Asmus, Research Director, Microgrids, Guidehouse Insights

- Joshua Mauzey, Senior Manager, Grid Edge Innovation, Southern California Edison

- Pete Maltbaek, General Manager - North America, Smarter Grid Solutions

- Sanem Sergici, Principal, The Brattle Group

- Karen Hsu, Senior Director - Business Development, Utilities, Enel X

Topics to be covered include:

• Strategic planning in a high distributed resource environment
• Essential investments for ensuring grid resilience going forward
• Driving value for the DERs essential to combatting climate change
• VPPs in the future grid: mainstream business opportunities
• Advancing deeper integration of distributed energy resources
• Leveraging DERMS to deliver net-zero energy
• Smart grid technology: The convergence of mobility and renewable energy
• EVs and smart charging in the evolving network
• Integration of energy storage systems in distribution operations
• Improving equitable renewable energy access to all customers
• Positioning the energy network for service in a post-pandemic world
• And more

"In the current virus-constrained environment, it is still critical for industry professionals to connect and share insights into success strategies and winning technologies for moving the grid forward," says Daniel Coran, program manager for the virtual summit and editor at SGO. "The goal of this program is to bring people together for networking, information sharing and guidance as to the latest applications of smart grid technology, and to refine the map for the future electric utility network."

Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation, the Forum will be held virtually in order to maximize the safety of all participants. Powered by Zoom the virtual platform allows for live interaction between speakers and fellow attendees via audio, video, chat and PowerPoint presentation. Attendees have the opportunity to view the attendee list, set up one-to-one video meetings, and network during break periods between sessions.

Recordings and PDFs of all presentations will be available post-conference for on-demand viewing by registered participants.

"This is a great way to reach out to industry colleagues and network in these challenging times," Coran says. "These conversations are very important in making sure the grid is positioned for resiliency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness in the post-pandemic world."

The virtual summit is designed for:

- Investor-owned, municipal and co-op electric utilities

- Independent Power Producers

- Larger commercial enterprises

- Solar and wind technology companies

- Finance and Investment professionals

- Regulatory and public policy agencies

- Project developers, system designers and consultants

- Smart grid technology vendors and software developers

Registrants who enter the discount code XPRT when registering will receive 10% off. To register, click here.

For full information, visit the event website or contact Daniel Coran, Program Manager, at, +1-815-310-3343

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