Black & Veatch Management Consulting, LLC reviewed two major RatedPower’s pvDesign algorithms, compared them to those used in Pvsyst© and concluded that they conform to standard industry practice.

Black & Veatch Management Consulting, LLC (BV) performed a conceptual level benchmark analysis of pvDesign and Pvsyst©on four separate design/technology cases and found that the difference in computations of energy injected into the grid ranged from 0.07 to 1.08%.

Madrid, Spain - August 3rd 2021: BV, a leading global engineering, procurement, consulting and construction company has issued an independent review of RatedPower's pvDesign software.

The independent review focuses on two main areas:

- A conceptual level benchmark analysis of pvDesign and PVsyst© on four separate design/technology cases.
- A high-level review of pvDesignTM's energy production estimation algorithms.

With regards to the benchmark analysis, BV compared pvDesign and Pvsyst© simulation results for four different cases modeling power plants that had DC capacities of approximately 100 MWdc. These cases include fixed-tilt and single-axis tracker configurations and monofacial and bifacial modules deployed in Germany, Texas (United States) and Spain. The differences between the energy injected into the grid computed by pvDesign and Pvsyst© ranged from 0.07 to 1.08%. pvDesign's estimates were consistently higher.

On the other hand, BV reviewed two of the major algorithms implemented in pvDesign - the computations of solar position angle and the irradiance received on the back face of a bifacial module - for technical accuracy. These algorithms were also compared to the ones used in Pvsyst© . BV believes that both algorithms follow the same general approach in pvDesign and Pvsyst© and conform with standard industry practice.

"We had internally compared our energy model against PVsyst© and we knew we were close. BV has helped us validate our previous work and provided further credibility to our energy estimates" said Mario Benneckers, Product Manager at RatedPower.

RatedPower believes that this report proves its commitment to providing a trustworthy energy model that its customers can rely on, and that the results proved the model to be accurate and comply with the industry standards. pvDesign will continue working towards a fully global bankability model and expect to become the one-stop suite for solar development.

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