We are pleased to invite market players and journalists to join L-Charge product presentation that will take place at Power2Drive in Munich.

Date/Time: 7th of October from 09am to 08:30pm.

Venue Munich Messe, Power2Drive: booth B6.530.

The journalist also will be able to interview L-Charge representatives:
Dmitry Lashin, CEO.
Ivan Safonov, CMO.

Dmitry Lashin is an engineer and entrepreneur who has over 10 years of experience building greenhouses in Russia. In 1991, his father founded the FITO company, which specialises in automating processes in fuel farms. They quickly became the service provider for over 40% of the Russian greenhouse industry. Dmitriy joined the company in 2001, after earning a doctorate in information technology and automation.

Concurrently, Lashin started showing and developing his interest in construction of energy facilities. Since then, the company has built energy facilities with power in excess of 500 MW, which is enough to power double the illumination of a 6-lane highway from Lisbon to Moscow. In 2020, FITO completed a $500m deal to merge its greenhouse holding company with the ROST Group.

Using this experience, Lashin and his team are now working to develop technical solutions to revolutionise the electric vehicle charging stations market. His startup L-Charge aims to build a scalable network of ultra-fast chargers for electric vehicles in different regions of the world. The charging stations are not tied to the grid and run on gas and hydrogen. A pilot project of ultra-fast mobile charging has already been launched in Moscow. The charging station can be summoned via Telegram-bot to any location in the city, and it charge an electric car for 100 km of travel in just 5 minutes. The company plans to develop the network in other Russian cities, as well as abroad - in Paris, Berlin, New York, Amsterdam and London.

About L-Charge:

L-Charge is Russian-American EV charger manufacturer, providing rapidly scalable off-grid ultra-fast chargers powered by clean fuels. Innovative EV charger offered in two variants - stationary and mobile. The stationary version can be installed in any location - supermarkets, hotels, roads, traditional petrol stations, etc. The mobile version is an on-wheel unit that can move around a city and charge EVs. In July, the first mobile EV charger by L-Charge starts to patrol Moscow city streets, providing on-demand charging service to electric vehicles. Nearest plans to build charging units to launch them as a mobile charger in Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, New York, Amsterdam and London.

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