Inxeption launches new solar buying incentives during first day of RE+ Solar Power International

Visit the Inxeption Energy Team during the conference at booth 840.

Inxeption, the leader in Industrial Commerce and supply chain digitization, announced during the first day of the RE+ Solar Power International conference multiple incentives for installers placing orders during the event to celebrate the launch of Inxeption's EasyOrder digital fulfillment offering.

When installers create a My Business account and place their first order with Inxeption onsite at the conference, they are eligible to receive a $5,000 credit toward the purchase. Inxeption and FranklinWH are also running a conference giveaway for installers, who can enter to win a FranklinWH aGate controller and an aPower battery at the Inxeption booth.

In addition, Inxeption and FranklinWH are offering a promotion through the end of the year. Installers that purchase an aPower battery and aGate controller and install it before the end of 2022 can receive a second aPower and aGate for free. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion.

Visit the Inxeption Energy Team during the conference at booth 840 or schedule a time to meet to learn more.

Inxeption Energy had already generated more than $50 million in annualized revenues just six months after launching the solar energy marketplace. Earlier this year, the team also unveiled solar procurement product financing that helps solar installers alleviate a growing cash-flow challenge amid the growth in residential solar installation.

"The Biden Administration's pause on solar tariffs on imports from some Southeast Asia countries has revitalized the industry, and commercial and residential installations are heating up due to the Administration's focus on clean energy growth," said Erin Clark, president of Inxeption Energy. "At Inxeption, we champion providing residential and commercial solar installers with a diverse mix of products, ensuring our customers always have access to the tools they need to get the job done. We're proud to offer those customers FranklinWH batteries."

Inxeption has created a new framework for Industrial Commerce that digitizes end-to-end supply chain functions from sourcing to final-mile. Businesses dynamically collaborate in real time with both suppliers and buyers through cloud-based applications to procure, finance, sell, ship and, most importantly, get paid for their products. Inxeption partners with many solar manufacturers to offer sought-after products at attractive pricing, enabling also the end-to-end fulfillment to each installer's preferred destination.

FranklinWH has partnered with Inxeption to offer a primary supply of the company's solar batteries in the Inxeption Industrial Marketplace. Plans for offering FranklinWH products in the Inxeption Industrial Marketplace began before the company even had a product to sell.

"We initially partnered with Inxeption when our energy management system was still in the prototype phase," said Gary Lam, U.S. general manager and co-founder of FranklinWH. "All of us are proud and excited by the evolution of our partnership and energized by providing our customers with easy access to energy management integrating solar power and battery storage in Inxeption's industrial commerce marketplace."

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