Solis Inno Day 2022 – The Unveiling of New Products, New Brand Ambassador, & A Reminder of Solis’ Perseverance Toward a Zero-Carbon Life

Solis Inno Day 2022 virtually unveiled 3 new energy storage products launching globally as part of their perseverance toward a zero-carbon life.

Solis Inno Day 2022 virtually unveiled 3 new energy storage products launching globally as part of their perseverance toward a zero-carbon life. Ginlong Technologies sells powerful inverters under the brand name Solis and is one of the most experienced and largest inverter manufacturers in the world. The company also announced a new brand ambassador, Sunny, to promote global carbon reduction.

Energy storage inverters provide support to correct the instabilities in the grid in case of a power outage, providing a whole-home solution. As a key technical component of new power systems, these products can greatly improve power regulation and safety assurance capabilities. The inverter is a core device in the system, which is why Solis' new 6th generation products are significant additions to the energy storage market.

A new Series 6 (S6) residential storage inverter was launched specifically for the North American market. It was highlighted that this high-performing product will develop the power hub for the whole-home backup system and is certified to IEEE 1547-2018, UL 1741 SA & SB, and SunSpec Modbus, providing economical zero-carbon power in all weather (NEMA 4X / IP 66). It can be dc-coupled to several certified high-voltage Lithium batteries for additional storage capacity. Additionally, two new S6 products were launched in Europe specific to their markets.

Solis' top-quality products are created with the customer's voice in mind, from interface and software details to the performance and longevity of each inverter. During the highly-anticipated innovation day, Jiduo Li, Solis International Technical Support Engineer said, "The new product designed for the North American market showcases unique performance and advantages and is customized to meet their specific needs. Some of the features include a power hub, EPO switch, manual bypass switch changeover function, etc., and ensure the inverter's reliability and enhance the operational efficiency." He also added that a small batch production process would be initiated for the newly launched three inverters.

Yiming Wang, Solis' General Manager spoke of the company's focus on R&D and technological innovations, which are at the forefront of all products. Solutions that involve great attention to detail are implemented alongside the products, providing rich value to the energy storage industry. Solis team members are fueled by these innovations that help contribute to global carbon reduction and the creation of a beautiful, green planet.

Sunny, the new ambassador for the company, serves as a reminder of Solis' perseverance toward a zero-carbon life. He serves many roles, from working in the office to performing maintenance checks on S6 inverters in the field. Check out the new Sunny stickers and emojis that you can use while chatting with others to promote solar energy as we all work toward a greener future.

From brand renewal to the implementation of new products and solutions, Solis is interpreting the brand concept and vision with practical actions: developing technology to power the world with clean energy and creating a zero-carbon future together!

Visit here to watch a recording of Solis Inno Day on YouTube.

About Solis Inverters:

Established in 2005, Ginlong Technologies (Stock Code: 300763. SZ) is one of the most experienced and largest manufacturers of PV string inverters. Presented under the Solis brand, the company's portfolio uses innovative string inverter technology to deliver first-class reliability that has been validated under the most stringent international certifications. Armed with a global supply chain, world-class R&D, and manufacturing capabilities, Ginlong optimizes its inverters for each regional market, servicing and supporting its customers with its team of local experts, visit

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