Morningstar Corporation Announces Availability of Its 2 Most Revolutionary Products in 30 Years

New GenStar MPPT and SureSine inverter line enable solar professionals to design and build “all-Morningstar” systems to meet their highest standards; both now shipping

With 30 years of experience in industry-leading solar electronics for off-grid applications, Morningstar Corporation is now shipping two of its most innovative products. The new GenStar™ MPPT essentially re-invents and re-imagines the solar DC system controller, while the new SureSine™ line of off-grid industrial inverters meets the need of installers and system designers for a "Morningstar of inverters" that match the quality and engineering for which Morningstar charge controllers are renowned.

The recently introduced GenStar DC Solar DC System Controller and SureSine pure sine-wave inverters are in full production, and available through Morningstar's world-wide distribution network. As the industry's first fully-integrated Solar DC System Controller, GenStar MPPT represents the flagship of Morningstar's new Integrated Series, while the new SureSine inverter series enables solar professionals to design systems that are "all Morningstar," with no weak links in the component chain

The new GenStar MPPT line consists of three models, ranging from 60-100 Amps at 200 Volt input. Morningstar's product management director and upcoming CEO Bill Mellema outlined the development effort behind it. "We started with an all new design incorporating "lithium DNA" and most requested key communication, control and power conversion features. That included the ability to oversize PV arrays to meet today's need for larger systems, and provides integrated load control—30 Amp capability, unique for controllers in this class. GenStar has all essential communications, connectivity and network integration features on-board, without the need for wiring on adapters or outside equipment—it's all built-in."

Jim McGrath, Morningstar's Director of Sales, further explained GenStar's design innovation. "We built-in the capability of being easily upgraded and expanded with new features and technologies, through our revolutionary ReadyRail architecture and ReadyBlock expansion line. That's done through our unique ReadyRail architecture and ReadyBlocks, which simply snap-in to deliver any additional features and capabilities needed. They include a ReadyShunt for battery metering and monitoring, a ReadyRelay for signaling and advanced load control, and a ReadyBMS for communications and closed-loop operation with lithium batteries. With this innovative architecture, system designers need never worry about obsolescence or making the wrong decision with their initial investment. GenStar can grow as system needs evolve."
Morningstar's new SureSine off-grid inverter line is designed and built for the most mission-critical installations in industrial applications, including telecom, oil & gas, security, rural electrical electrification and more. The line consists of six primary models from 150-2,500W with 120 or 230V output and 12, 24 or 48V DC input options.

Russell Borum, Morningstar's Senior Sales Engineer for Europe and Africa, provided SureSine's background. "We started with industrial-grade build quality as a given, designing the SureSines around premium toroidal transformers for improved sinewave stability. We also made sure to include two hallmark Morningstar engineering features: fanless design and high efficiency. Next we added full communications capabilities, including USB, Ethernet, EIA-485, CANBUS, and Bluetooth for wireless communications, and Android and iOS utility apps for set-up and monitoring SureSine inverters with remote devices. Finally, we secured industry-leading NRTL certification as well as meeting all relevant CE and UL requirements."

The new GenStar MPPT Solar DC System Controller and the new SureSine off-grid inverters are on display in the Morningstar booth # Booth A5.174 at InterSolar Europe, June 14-16, 2023. For more information and complete GenStar MPPT and SureSine information please visit here.

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