EnerVenue Launches the EnerVenue Energy Rack

A pre-assembled solution complete with EnerVenue's Energy Storage Vessels, Battery Management System, and cabling, the Energy Rack's plug-and-play design increases energy density while reducing integration costs.

EnerVenue, the first company to bring metal-hydrogen batteries capable of more than 30,000 cycles to the clean energy revolution, today announced the launch of the EnerVenue Energy Rack. Each rack consists of fully integrated Energy Storage Vessels™ (ESVs) in 150 and 102 kWh configurations. Energy Racks can be flexibly combined as storage requirements evolve.

"Stationary energy storage customers want easily scalable battery architecture, straightforward installation, and a high-density solution that takes up a minimal footprint," said Randall Selesky, CRO, EnerVenue. "The EnerVenue Energy Rack addresses these market needs head-on, offering a pre-engineered and assembled design that maximizes energy density while reducing integration and onsite installation labor costs. Our customers get complete flexibility to install and connect as many fully assembled Energy Racks as their energy storage use cases require—simple as that. We're looking forward to the accelerated pace at which customers will be able to implement new energy storage operations and scale existing installations with our stackable rack units."

The EnerVenue Energy Rack includes EnerVenue's next-generation ESV battery technology, custom Battery Management System (BMS) hardware, and all wiring and connections required for fast and simple integration into customized containers or buildings. Energy Racks feature an optimized rack size for use in both 1000 VDC and 1500 VDC systems and can be safely deployed within indoor structures or outdoor-rated enclosures. Leveraging racks designed and engineered specifically for EnerVenue ESVs—with the vessels already installed and all battery management system equipment included—enables customers to implement renewable energy storage installations with unprecedented speed and simplicity.

This new solution offers remarkable scalability, with EnerVenue Energy Racks serving as interlocking modules that can be quickly connected inline or stacked up to three levels high. Whereas alternative lithium-ion solutions for stationary storage applications cannot achieve the same form factor due to safety concerns, EnerVenue's metal-hydrogen ESV technology comes with none of li-ion's thermal runaway risk. EnerVenue Energy Racks are also serviceable at a component level, delivering longevity with low maintenance costs. Integrators can connect EnerVenue Energy Racks in their warehouse environments to create an "Energy Venue"—scaling into the MWh range easily and with complete safety.

The ESVs within the EnerVenue Energy Racks offer the industry's most durable, safe, and versatile battery. ESVs can cycle up to three times per day without rest, feature a 30-year/30,000 cycle expected lifetime, and 2- to 12-hour discharge rates, enabling unique applications and business models for developers, integrators, and owners. The Energy Rack units take this revolutionary technology to the next level, offering the easiest, safest, and most financially secure solution for C&I and grid-scale energy storage.

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