Eos Energy Successfully Launches Commercial Production on First State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Line

Company achieves critical Project AMAZE manufacturing milestone to meet future demand for long duration battery storage

Eos Energy Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ: EOSE) ("Eos" or the "Company"), a leading provider of safe, scalable, efficient, and sustainable zinc-based long duration energy storage systems, today announced it successfully launched commercial production on its first state-of-the-art (SotA) manufacturing line after being installed and commissioned in Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania, propelling the Company's ability to produce Eos Z3TM batteries at scale.

Launching commercial production marks a significant milestone in the Company's operational capabilities and ability to serve the growing long duration energy storage demand. The process of bringing the line into production involved thorough evaluation and validation of critical mechanical processes, software integration and overall line performance.
"The Eos team continues to show an ability to achieve operational milestones. Working with ACRO Automation, we installed and commissioned the line in just over five weeks from achieving Factory Acceptance Testing," said Joe Mastrangelo, Eos Chief Executive Officer. "The first fully commissioned line along with the recent Cerberus investment are clear signals to the market that we have the resources and capabilities to produce Z3 storage systems in the United States for large scale customer projects."
The Company continues to see future projects becoming larger in size and scale as energy demand increases. With the newly installed SotA manufacturing line, Eos will begin ramping manufacturing capacity over the next six months to 1.25 GWh of annualized manufacturing capacity, with expansion plans for 2 GWh on line 1 with further investment. Successful line 1 implementation is a critical cost-out component for the Company's path to profitability. When producing at scale, Eos forecasts Z3 production costs to drop by nearly half with improved overhead costs and variable labor utilization.
"The process we followed from initial discrete manufacturing to semi-automation production provided a disciplined framework to quickly develop our first SotA line, while optimizing capital costs. Executing on this project required launching a new product design, automating it, and incorporating industry 4.0 integration to achieve the necessary performance and yield," said Chris Dellinger, Eos Sr. Director of Advanced Manufacturing. "This milestone represents a major step forward in our manufacturing capabilities, allowing us to deliver heightened precision and efficiency in our production processes and we look forward to further optimize these capabilities and continue to execute Project AMAZE."
The new line was designed and developed in partnership with ACRO Automation Systems. Over the last several months, Eos and ACRO teams worked in partnership to ensure successful FAT in Milwaukee and now bring the line into full commercial production at Eos' facility in Turtle Creek. As the demand for safe, long duration energy storage continues to increase, the Company plans to build three additional lines to reach 8 GWh of annualized capacity.
"Continuing this collaborative journey symbolizes a significant milestone for both ACRO and Eos, uniting our strengths to enhance and expand our capabilities within the rapidly evolving energy storage industry," said Michael Loomis, President and General Manager at ACRO Automation Systems. "ACRO, with its proven track record of delivering leading-edge automation solutions across various sectors, is poised to reach new heights through this exciting new alliance with Eos. Together, we are not just shaping the future of energy storage, we are defining it."
This announcement follows the recent news of an up to $315.5 million strategic investment from Cerberus, a global leader in alternative investing with a dedicated platform focused on supply chain integrity and national security. This investment and manufacturing milestone position Eos to scale and become a leading provider of long duration energy storage while executing on its path to profitability.

About Eos Energy Enterprises
Eos Energy Enterprises, Inc. is accelerating the shift to clean energy with positively ingenious solutions that transform how the world stores power. Our breakthrough Znyth™ aqueous zinc battery was designed to overcome the limitations of conventional lithium-ion technology. It is safe, scalable, efficient, sustainable, manufactured in the U.S., and the core of our innovative systems that today provides utility, industrial, and commercial customers with a proven, reliable energy storage alternative for 3 to 12-hour applications. Eos was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Edison, New Jersey. For more information about Eos (NASDAQ: EOSE), visit eose.com.

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