Free Solar PV Webinar: Perfect O&M strategies to enhance your cash flow

The costs to produce solar power are declining rapidly which makes it difficult for owner-operators to attract the appetite of investors. A lot of financial pressure falls on O&M execs who are pushed to redefine both strategy and execution.

But if you, like most PV O&M execs, are struggling to carry the quality of O&M with reduced budgets, mitigate risk and insure long term-stability on your PV assets, make sure you attend our free webinar on February 28 with O&M leaders from Engie and Duke Energy.


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Date: February 28

Time: 9:00 am Central US

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We’re excited to be joined by thought leaders Rob Morse, Director, Solar O&M from Engie and Josh Rogers, Director of Solar Operations from Duke Energy who will discuss:

  • How to carry the quality of O&M execution in times of cost crisis and reduced budgets
  • How to mitigate risk, meet the timeline of your agreements and maximize productivity
  • How to insure long term stability to increase investment appetite and predict the future accurately to be both competitive in pricing a solar PPA as well as on the execution side
  • How to make the most of lucrative PV markets to drive higher revenues

This webinar has been created to provide an invaluable resource to all PV owner-operators, O&M providers, ISPs, investors, analysts and PV tech innovators.

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If you’re interested in this topic, you might want to know about PV Operations Dallas 2019 next April 16-17,that will champion the efforts of key leaders at Cypress Creek, Duke, Enel, Southern Power, EDPR, Engie, Shell New Energies, Liberty Power, Invenergy, SunPower, Vivint Solar, Nautilus Solar and many others who are optimizing plant performance to enhance cash flows.

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