Electric Vehicles: IDTechEx Research Forecasts $2.6 Trillion Market, Many New Sectors

The future is coming early for electric vehicles (EV). The new IDTechEx Research report “Electric Vehicles 2020-2030” is based on analysis of no less than 100 sectors to 2030. IDTechEx has studied and forecasted EVs for over 20 years. It has 15 PhD level analysts, including 4 who are Chinese, deployed globally, mostly multi-lingual and the discoveries here are sometimes surprising.

Cars are about half the EV market. Electric bus/ truck will overtake. Opportunities and dangers are extreme. No fluffy comment here: IDTechEx identifies which car manufacturers may win and which are in great danger.

Construction Agriculture Mining (CAM) is now a coherent EV sector yet ignored by most EV analysts and component suppliers. With sales of $288 billion in 2030 and above average profitability, CAM EV is forecasted in 32 categories. Understand Intralogistics, MicroEVs, two-wheel and new EV trains.  Military, aircraft and marine EVs need 27 forecasts because so much is new.

Cars get 7 categories in the report including the new energy independent solar cars on sale. Bus and truck have 13 forecasts as a coherent EV sector often involving the same manufacturers and with the new robot shuttle buses and several electric school bus types separated out. 1.5 million school buses await electrification! Military and civilian marine and aircraft sectors get 30 forecasts.  Much here that can boost sales for everyone in the EV value chain. 

Some are slicing through the car market like a cheese knife and it is party time for innovative start-ups. Color changing cars, ones with energy storage bodywork, light-emitting glass that darkens at a touch? All have been demonstrated. Supercapacitor buses charging in 10 seconds? Already in 7 countries. Some EVs will have 1% of the parts of conventional equivalents due to four basic innovations. Hybrids will be wiped out by pure electric: learn when and why. IDTechEx even has drill down reports giving much more about most of the individual topics.

Electric Vehicles 2020-2030” has over 200 pages of distilled information largely as new infographics, forecast area graphs, comparative tables, technology event timelines. The Executive Summary and Conclusions is comprehensive yet easily absorbed by those in a hurry. Briefly learn the definitions, types of hybrid and pure electric powertrain and where they are headed overall – not just for cars. In one infographic, four important applicational sectors are divided into 13 EV types serving them and the characteristics are compared.

Who is winning in the EV marketplace and why are others finding it so hard to catch up? What features closely correlate with commercial success? See good and bad EV strategies of 21 manufacturers against 13 proven drivers of business success. Scope for mergers is presented between 29 players against their nine EV product categories. Understand ten key enabling technologies for future EVs and how they will evolve over the years. Grasp how each will serve listed primary needs such as elimination of poisons over coming years. 2020-2030 forecasts give number, unit value and market value for all the main categories divided into their many sub-sectors. The full 100 category spreadsheets can be purchased separately, the report giving the most important ones.

Chapter 2 Introduction explores changing powertrain and structure leading to amazing new multi-functionality, autonomy, energy independence. See formidable innovation in China and elsewhere. All 100 forecasting categories are tabled with characteristics, forecasting assumptions and market leaders.

Chapters 3 through 7 cover Aircraft, Buses, Cars, CAM and Trucks with detailed new infographics picturing everything from the electrified farm of the future to how major challenges of crewed aircraft will be addressed with new principles of electrically powered flight. View dates for internal combustion parity 2020-2050 and assessment of new EVs such as sky taxis, robot shuttles and trackless road trams. Learn when millions of 48V mild hybrids will have pure electric modes boosting sales.

Chapter 8 comprehensively looks at the technology and future of batteries, supercapacitors, motors, power electronics and energy harvesting in EVs land, water and air.  Only IDTechEx has this experience, insight and detail.

For more details contact research@IDTechEx.com or visit www.IDTechEx.com.


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