SenseHawk Benchmarks the Condition of One of the World’s Largest Solar Sites in Record Time

SenseHawk, a leader in AI-powered software for the entire solar lifecycle, announced it had benchmarked the condition of 2.5 million solar modules at one of the world’s largest solar sites, the Kamuthi Solar Power Project in India, in record time. Owned by Adani Green Energy Ltd, the solar site has a DC capacity of 780 MWs and spans an area of 2,500 acres, the equivalent of about 950 football fields or four square miles. SenseHawk used drones with thermography imaging technology, along with its cloud-based SenseHawk Therm software, to accurately assess the solar site in less than three weeks—something which normally would have taken several months if tackled manually.


SenseHawk Therm enables solar site owners to detect hotspots, evaluate energy loss, schedule maintenance and track defects over time. Using drones with infrared cameras, SenseHawk collected thermography images of every solar module at the massive Kamuthi Solar Power Project and automatically analyzed the images using the AI-powered software SenseHawk Therm. Final reports on the condition of the site were quickly delivered to the site owner.


“As the leading solar power developer in India, we are always pushing the boundaries in terms of using state-of-the-art technologies, like robotics and artificial intelligence, for better asset management,” said Jayant Parimal, CEO of Adani Green Energy Ltd. “SenseHawk is leveraging new-age technologies for improved solar asset management, and we have been successfully working with them for the last two years with good results.”


This was the second time that the Kamuthi Solar Power Project was scanned using SenseHawk Therm in the last 18 months.


“It has been an honor for us to support Adani Green Energy Ltd with ongoing  operations of their huge Kamuthi Solar Power Project,” said Swarup Mavanoor, CEO and co-founder of SenseHawk. “Using SenseHawk Therm, we dramatically increased the efficiency and accuracy of solar module maintenance checks for their company and look forward to supporting many more solar sites around the world this way.”


SenseHawk Therm is part of SenseHawk Core, a completely integrated set of applications to support everything from solar plant design and construction to operation and maintenance. Other applications in SenseHawk Core include SenseHawk Terra for terrain data processing and analytics, SenseHawk Eye for construction monitoring and management, SenseHawk App for site operations and collaboration, SenseHawk Desk for ticketing and workflow management, and SenseHawk Vault for file storage, indexing and sharing.


Tuned for sensitivity, SenseHawk Therm is able to detect over 99.9% of all hotspots on solar modules.  Seamless integration with SenseHawk App and SenseHawk Desk make it easy to evaluate, locate and fix detected issues even on the world’s largest sites. 


About SenseHawk

SenseHawk, founded in 2018, is a leader in AI-powered software for the entire solar lifecycle. The company’s powerful cloud-based platform, SenseHawk Core, is a completely integrated set of applications to support everything from solar plant design and construction to operation and maintenance. SenseHawk software has delivered data analytics for more than 17 GWs of solar assets across 12 countries worldwide. The company is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and has offices in India. For more information, please go to

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