Neuron EV Introduces Pure Electric TORQ

Visionary automotive company Neuron EV has recently unveiled the Neuron EV TORQ, the firm's electric semi-truck that sets new standards in clean energy vehicles.


The Neuron EV TORQ is a monumental leap forward in transitioning semi-trucks into the electric vehicle age. It fulfills the needs and expectations of a traditional semi-truck but without the harmful effects of a fossil fuel engine because of Neuron's battery electric propulsion system.


TORQ was built to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and pioneer the development of a cleaner future for the commercial mobility industry.




TORQ is built on Neuron's scalable chassis with interchangeable body components that easily attach and detach, enabling it to adjust functionality and expand cargo capacity.

The truck's functional architecture also features an aerodynamic profile that has an integrated sleeper cabin, with a smooth and robust shell for silent operation.



The TORQ features a 360° position view through wireless cameras that feed data into the driver's screen via application. This revolutionary feature ensures that the driver is aware of the vehicle's position and surroundings from all angles, at all times.

The center driver seating allows for balanced visibility, optimized handling and an engaging driving experience.

The truck's intuitive vehicle interface application provides full operation control and works on any personal device, which can be plugged into the interior architecture and replaces all physical componentry. This clutter free and open system is compatible with the latest gadgets, internet solutions, and transport management networks.



Neuron EV has also addressed the plight of truck drivers who need comfortable resting quarters in their semis when going on long drives. The TORQ is equipped with a modern first-class cabin that's suitable for driving and also conducive for resting and sleeping.

The rear sleeping area features cinematic entertainment with a surround sound system, abundant storage space, internet connectivity and a plush bed.

The cabin is built with compatibility for future autonomous operation.



TORQ is a solid testament of performance fueled from heavy-duty electric powertrains. More importantly, electric vehicles are now mature enough to have longer range, being able to manage long drives on a single charge. They're also more energy efficient, consuming less energy per mile.


Low Maintenance

Electric vehicles require less maintenance because electric motors contain only about half a dozen moving parts, as compared to the hundreds of working parts in internal combustion engines. Electric motor components over time have proven to be durable and simple to replace.

Neuron envisions its Renewable Energy Plaza or REP, as a comprehensive complex where users can get assistance for maintenance and battery exchange services.

The Neuron EV TORQ is the ultimate realization of Neuron's philosophy of simplicity and functionality. They're easy to use, universally relevant, and upgradeable to the latest technology for efficient waste reduction and versatility optimization.

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