Enexor BioEnergy Launches Small-Scale, Renewable Energy System to Help Solve World's Organic Waste Problem

Enexor BioEnergy ("Enexor") announced the release of its Bio-CHP™ technology, the Bio-200™ (the "System"), a modular and scalable System that converts almost any organic waste into on-site, clean and affordable energy. Customer installations will commence in Q2 starting in the United States, with strategic markets in the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, and Europe to follow. 


The Bio-200™ is small-scale (75 kW power, 125 kW thermal), modular, and rapidly deployable in almost any setting – from a retail outlet in the United States to a remote, rural village in Africa. Designed to withstand hurricane-force winds, the System provides 24/7 continuous renewable power ideally suited for microgrids as it integrates well with intermittent renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind. Installed and commissioned within one day, multiple Systems can be installed side-by-side to generate up to 2.0 mW of combined power. The System is fueled by a blend of on-site or locally sourced organic materials. Fuel sources can uniquely include a vast array of combinations – food waste, agricultural waste, sawdust, biosolids, paper, cardboard, wood chips, animal waste, and spent grains – to name a few. 


Founded in 2015, the Nashville suburb-based start-up developed its patented, direct combustion technology using a state-of-the-art microturbine technology that delivers a very low levelized cost of energy ("LCOE"). In addition to the economic benefits, each System offsets up to 2,200 metric tons of CO2e emissions annually.


"We have developed an on-site, distributed renewable energy system that will transform the way businesses look at their organic waste. With our Bio-CHP™ systems, customers can now redirect their organic waste away from landfills to generate clean, renewable energy on-site. Our very low LCOE enables us to install Bio-CHP™ systems using a unique Energy-as-a-Service ("EaaS") partnership model. This eliminates upfront customer capital-outlay, delivering immediate cost savings unlike typical on-site energy projects" said Lee Jestings, Founder and CEO.

About Enexor BioEnergy.
Enexor BioEnergy ("Enexor") provides on-site, renewable energy solutions to help solve the world's organic waste problem. Enexor's patented bioenergy system derives value from organic waste by producing 24/7 continuous power and thermal energy for facilities and microgrids worldwide. Enexor's Bio-CHP™ system, the Bio-200™, generates 75kW of power and 125kW of thermal energy while offsetting harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Enclosed within a 20-foot custom shipping container, the Bio-200™'s strategic design is deployable next to a retail store in the United States, hurricane exposed areas in the Caribbean, or a village in Africa. Enexor manufactures its systems at its headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, a Nashville suburb. www.enexor.com

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