Solar Power is taking a step forward with PV Perovskite

In innovative perovskite solar systems, the volume of solar energy that can be converted into electricity from a single solar cell has set a new world record.

 The innovative cell manufactured by Oxford PV has proven itself by transforming 29.52% solar power into electricity independently. By comparison, the average convertibility rate for regular silicon cells for millions of households globally is just 15-20% and the realistic optimum conversion rate is about 26%.

Solar energy is key in decarbonizing the global energy market and is expected to provide 50% of the world's energy by 2050 and various companies are working towards it like Tata Power Solar and Fourth Partner Energy

The technology used in the innovative cells of Oxford PV consists of covering typical silicon solar cells with a thin perovskite material film for optimal use of photons in the solar spectrum. The synthetic perovskite is cheap, strong, and can essentially fully substitute silicone – 35 kg perovskite provides the same strength as seven tons of silicon.

The first firm to market these next-generation solar cells in 2022 will be Oxford PV. Very next products, which are built for residential roofs, output the same number of cells with 20 percent more capacity. Oxford PV expects future solar cells to be greatly better as they continue to grow.

Oxford PV Chief Executive Officer Frank P. Averdung said: 'The achievement of yet another world record for perovskite solar cell is a great accomplishment as this shows that the production of high-powerful and lower-cost solar energy is a step closer.

We are now at a global turning point - there is a dramatic deterioration in climate change and never has a stronger need to use renewable sources of energy. In speeding up solar adoption and addressing the ever-increasing problem of climate change, Their solar cells are important. We have a clear road map to go beyond 30% with this technology ”

Golden National Renewable Energy Laboratory,(Colorado, USA) approved their innovative solar perovskite, at 29.52%, but smashes previous performance records of their own. solar cells (GaAs) of 29.2 percent," said Chris Case, Chief Technical Officer at Oxford PV.

On the International Electrotechnical Board, Their innovative solar cells and modules not only show record efficiency but have passed basic tests of longevity externally assessed for the industry.

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