Top Trending Technologies to Redefine Solar Power in the Near Future

Solar power, the most natural and renewable energy source, is extracted directly from the sunlight and converted into electrical or thermal energy. This solar power is being used in advanced solar technologies for various purposes such as generating electricity, providing light or a comfortable interior environment, and heating water for domestic, commercial, and industrial use.


Solar Energy Market Today

Concerns regarding the climate change and level of carbon footprint has increased the demand of solar energy as a natural and renewable energy reservoir all across the globe in the recent years. The global solar energy market is forecasted to garner a revenue of $888,311.4 million by the end of 2028, as per an exclusive report published by Research Dive.

However, the coronavirus outbreak has impacted the market in a drastic way due to the restrictions and withholding of operations of industries. Restrictions on import-export and travel beyond border are other factors behind this decline of the market.

As the restrictions on the industries are being eased with the declining graph of coronavirus cases, solar energy industry is also gearing up by introducing new and innovative technologies.


Upcoming and Trending Technologies

The solar energy industry is supposed to introduce many exciting solar panel technologies to refurbish the growth chart and revolutionize the entire concept of energy production. The most trending solar panel technologies are mentioned below:


Floating Solar Farms or Floatovoltaics

Floating solar farms or “floatovoltaics” are photovoltaic solar power systems designed in a way so that they can float on dams, reservoirs, and other water bodies.

While placed on reservoirs and other water surfaces, these panels become more efficient. Other benefits of floating solar farms include generating vast amount of electricity without occupying space. The low installation cost of floating photovoltaic panels compared to the photovoltaic panels that are land-based is another advantage of floating solar farms. It also produces 10% more power because of the chilling effect of water.

Floating solar farms also help in water management. These panels preserves water by blocking sunlight from the surface of the water.


BIPV Solar Technology

Building-integrated photovoltaics can be merged into building architecture seamlessly. It can be fitted in many forms such as canopies, roofs, facades, curtain walls, and skylight systems. These types of photovoltaics panels are visually appealing adding to the aesthetics of the building.

BIPV technology comes with many benefits, such as:

  • High thermal and sound insulation
  • Amplified energy efficiency
  • Lessened O&M costs
  • Zero carbon imprint
  • Clean and free power output from the sun

These are the reasons BIPV solar technology is expected to be trending in the upcoming years.


Solar Skins

Solar skin is a trending PV technology which helps to assimilate custom-built designs into solar panel systems. The selective light filtration advancements makes these thin-film skins highly efficient. The sunlight is filtered through the solar skins and reach the solar cells underneath. It then instantaneously exhibits the custom image such as the green lawn and gives solar energy.

Solar skin panels can be also customized and used in business organizations. Business logos or business advertisements can be displayed with the technology.


Solar Fabric

Researches are being conducted to develop solar fabrics by including solar power in each fiber of a clothing type. Solar filaments derived from solar radiations are embedded into t-shirts, winter coats, or any other type of clothing. One will be able to keep oneself warmer, charge the phone on the go while wearing a solar fabric clothing.


Glimpse of the Bright Solar Future

With the digital advancements, solar power has become more flexible, lighter, and is applicable in every aspect of life. Apart from the above mentioned technologies, lots of other innovative solar technologies are being developed. Perovskite solar cells, which may be soon used to fashion solar paint, is supposedly going to be the most exciting upcoming solar technology.



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