Bringing Small Wind Power to Industrial Rooftops

1. Tell us about your product and what you feel sets it apart from similar products.

Aeromine’s solution is unique in that it harvests wind resources to generate power, but is not actually a wind turbine in the traditional sense. Aeromine has no external moving parts and leverages the aerodynamics of the building and airfoil induced pressure to drive an internal propeller and generator to yield energy. As such, we do not have the environmental and visual impact constraints typically associated with wind turbines, making us very well suited to be integrated into the built environment


2. Tell us about the R&D behind this product.  Who is this product designed for?  What problem is it solving?

Aeromine’s patented technology has been in development since 2016 and we have collaborated with prominent institutions including Sandia National Laboratories and Texas Tech University. Since the technology was invented by Dr. Carsten Westergaard, our solution has gone through extensive simulations and field tests and multiple design iterations.   Aeromine provides incremental on-site generation as either a stand-alone solution or in combination with solar and battery storage to allow buildings to maximize there on site generation and minimize their reliance on the grid.


The core market for the Aeromine solution is large flat industrial rooftops such as warehouses, distribution centers, corporate office parks and data centers.


3. Give us an idea on the installation process.

Aeromine systems consist of 10 to 30 units that are assembled on site and installed on the leading edge of a building. 


4. How is your company setup to support the users of your products.

Aeromine uses proprietary software and tools to assess the suitability of potential project locations. Our team works closely with customers and installation partners to coordinate and support project delivery. 


5. What feedback have you received from the field? 

We have had an extraordinary amount of interest in the solution to date with over 10,000 inbound inquiries since we exited stealth mode in late 2022. Aeromine will be introducing its mass market product in the second half of 2024.



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