GE Vernova and EnergyHub Announce Partnership to Enhance DER Management and Grid Optimization

-Partnership redefines how electric utilities manage DERs, expanding visibility and enabling better orchestration of these devices -Combines the grid optimization capabilities of GridOS DERMS with EnergyHub's DERMS resource formation capabilities and portfolio-based control of DERs -Empowers utilities to maximize the full potential of DERs by simplifying DER visibility and management, delivering enhanced load flexibility and unlocking new energy storage capacity

Honeywell and ESS Tech, Inc. Collaborate to Accelerate Commercial Deployment of Iron Flow Battery Energy Storage Systems

The relationship builds upon each company's development of energy storage systems, and brings together ESS' market-leading, patented IFB design with Honeywell's advanced materials and energy systems expertise.

BatteroTech Debuts Advanced 314Ah and 53Ah Battery Technologies at RE+2023, Signaling a New Era for Global Energy Storage

This showcase underscored BatteroTech's robust capabilities and ambition in the global battery and automotive sectors.

Sunnova and FranklinWH Launch First-of-Its-Kind Solar Power Battery to Revolutionize Energy Storage for Multi-Family Homes

First 208V compatible battery on the market offers powerful storage capability

The key design considerations for a commercial and industrial (C&I) modular battery storage systems

The key design considerations for commercial and industrial (C&I) modular battery storage systems

Russelectric Offers Prime Power Systems

Automatic operation of on-site power generators to serve a facility's entire load

CNTE (invested by CATL) released new upgraded ESS in RE+2023

The body of NOVA 2000 is as thin as 217mm, and the capacity of a single electrical box is as high as 14.3kWh, which has more electrical capacity while occupying less space.


Industry-leading 15-year Warranty and $3,200 in Installation Components Included

UL Solutions New HOMER® Grid Software Release Helps Maximize Revenue and ROI for EV Charging

HOMER Grid helps renewable energy developers confidently forecast revenue and ROI of proposed electric vehicle charging stations, maximize value and demonstrate value to customers. Results can help reduce the quote-to-build timeline and provide cost-savings and revenue data to mitigate project risk.

How to maintenance lithium battery system for long lifespan?

To maintain a lithium battery system for a long lifespan, it is important to keep it cool, avoid overcharging and overdischarging, store it at a partial charge, inspect it regularly, and use a battery management system (BMS). It is also important to keep the battery connections clean and free of corrosion, and to use the battery regularly.Last week we shared with you our top 5 tips on how to charge your lithium-ion batteries to extend their lifespan. In this article, we will focus on how to care you for your Lithium-ion battery to extend their lifespan.

Energy Toolbase Launches Sunstone Credit on Sales Platform for Direct Commercial Loan Quotes for Solar + Storage Projects

With Sunstone, users can leverage financing solutions designed specifically for small and medium-sized commercial borrowers, allowing businesses to finance solar systems and utilize electricity generation strategies at a lower cost.

Hoymiles Shines at RE+ with New Hybrid Inverter Launched in the US

Following the official launch of the next-gen hybrid inverters in the US on September 11, Hoymiles presented the models for the first time at the RE+ expo. This is the US version of Hoymiles energy storage solution after it released the series in Europe in 2022.

Stem Expands its India Center of Excellence

Strategic investment will support the company's global growth, drive operational leverage, and enhance customer value.

Up to 16kWh: OUKITEL Unveils Expandable Home Backup Solution BP2000 & B2000

Flexibility is always the first priority of OUKITEL's innovations. The launch of the BP2000 + B2000 modular system brings extraordinary versatility.

CLOU ESS's US Company Unveiled at RE+ 2023 in Las Vegas with Laser Focus on Renewable Energy Industry

. The Company took the opportunity at RE+ to unveil CLOU Energy Storage Systems' (CLOU ESS) US company, a subsidiary of Midea Group and one of the strongest players in the global power industry with the twin aims of strengthening its business in the North American market and further consolidating its industry position globally. This also marks an important milestone in the global structure of Midea Group's energy storage business.

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Our RE Series batteries are designed to provide the highest peak capacity, longest cycle life, and greatest reliability for use in industrial or residential renewable energy applications. Renewable Energy Series batteries utilize the company's exclusive XC2™ formulation and Diamond Plate Technology® to create the industry's most efficient battery plates, delivering greater watt-hours per liter and watt-hours per kilogram than any other flooded lead-acid battery in the market. Our Deep Cycle batteries are engineered to work with solar panels as well as other renewable energy applications.